Whole Foods: Model of Retail Multimedia Branding Excellence

Whole Foods: Model of Retail Multimedia Branding Excellence

Whole Foods: Model of Retail Multimedia Branding Excellence

Whole Foods

According to Whole Foods’ website, “Whole Foods by nature represents a modern and leading trend toward purer ingredients, organic and natural foods, less preservatives and greater regulation over the quality of the conditions in which the food has been grown, created, developed, stored and distributed.” Whole foods’ brand includes being on the cutting edge and leading, which makes Whole foods’ use of the web a statement of support or lack of support for its brand, depending on how well they use the web.

Whole Foods’ use of multimedia positions them as a digital marketing leader because the company used videos before videos were at the height of popularity in the main stream that videos have reached today.  Whole foods used video presentations for investor relations. They created a separate microsite website with live streaming & On-Demand video. The microsite is a showcase for their CEO to announce quarterly financial reports. The campaign has saved the company huge expenses on transportation costs.

Whole Foods was an early adapter of Pinterest.  Whole Foods attracted both quite a few followers as well as quite a bit of media attention by launching a luxury kitchen photos campaign to emphasize that Whole foods’ brand is about quality eating experiences. The kitchens were all fancifully decorated in myriad styles. The viewer could not help but relate or find appealing at least one of the array of attention grabbing images. The photos make visitors feel like they are being given tours of people’s kitchens!

In addition to a well-integrated blog, news room, online ordering platform and map of the store, the main Whole Foods’ website goes three steps farther in creating a multimedia experience.

  1. Whole Foods makes the screen feel like a chalk board, adding their own original media to the presentation, bringing the market to the computer monitor.
  2. A recipe section with discussion forum and HTML on screen cooking, entertainment and food guides is included maximizing content management system and database integration capabilities.
  3. In addition to the standard catalog type e-commerce retail shopping platform, Whole Foods provides separate FAQs for each category of product, making the site feel like a multifaceted array of media, with matching presentations for each of their carefully prepared offerings and types of offerings.

Whole foods uses multimedia to further customize its brand image and their leadership in the food and e-commerce industry exhibits the value of the effort.


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