What is Agile Web Development?

What is Agile Web Development?

What is Agile Web Development?

Agile Web Development

In every day life, the word "agile" means to move swiftly or quickly. In business, it's recently become a buzz term, as seen in phrases such as "agile web development" and "agile project management." This buzz term can be easily deconstructed to signify not a specific process, but rather an attitude.

Agile web development refers to having an efficient approach to your project. It's all about cutting the BS out of the equation and starting your development early. This streamlined approach can cut your development time in half. Say there's a project that could typically take your team 4 months: if you're looking at your project from an agile state of mind, you can easily cut your time in half. As a result of taking this approach to your development, you immediately start showing constant features and solutions within constant updates to your client.

In addition, the SCRUM process is often used within agile development. SCRUM is definitely a buzzword that I hate, but there's nothing I can do about that. (Seriously, why do we always have to think of the most awful terms and phrases in business)? So just for fun, let's look into the phrase SCRUM. It's basically a rugby huddle, where everyone gets into it and then goes their separate ways, all functioning as one cohesive unit. This SCRUM process is used within agile development. Your team all confers with one another on the project they're working on, relays the information with the client and then gets back in the huddle each day.

This sort of constant communication will absolutely make your client happy, will make your team adopt to changes in technology and allow for real time updates, and you're not scrambling to undo a bunch of work because you didn't communicate well with the client in the first place. If we're having real talk here, I think that Agile Web Development should be a no-brainer for companies. Of course, this is a process I've seen Magic Logix long adopt, especially given the large number of responsive websites we've built for a multitude of clients across B2B and B2C processes. This agile approach was certainly important when we did the new website for Gloria's Latin Cuisine.

So there you have it. If someone asks you about agile web development, you can answer them with confidence and take pride in your answer.


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