Twitter Chooses Drupal over WordPress for Blog Redesign

Twitter Chooses Drupal over WordPress for Blog Redesign

Twitter Chooses Drupal over WordPress for Blog Redesign


There is little doubt that when an average Joe thinks about building a blog, WordPress isn’t the first option that comes to mind. It’s simple, it’s free, there are plug-ins, free templates, and hey, everyone’s doing it. But what if you’re not just an average blogger or small business? If you have a substantial amount of readers and post updated content multiple times throughout the day, is WordPress still your best option? Twitter doesn’t think so. Recently the social media giant gave their blog an upgrade and switched from WordPress to Drupal.

One can’t help but wonder the reasoning behind such a massive change. Here are a few reasons why I believe the company decided to jump ship and join the Drupal community:

  1. Twitter’s blog isn’t simply a blog; it’s something they hope to be much more. This is where Drupal outshines WordPress. Drupal doesn’t assume that you just want to blog. It is a platform that can integrate everything from comments to user-generated content to e-commerce solutions and beyond. A big wig company like Twitter requires a CMS that is as dynamic and intuitive as the people who read it.
  2. The team that built the Twitter blog is already familiar with Drupal. The website, a community for developers who use twitter integration, is built and managed using Drupal. It makes sense that the Twitter team would to start managing their community assets under one platform.
  3. WordPress has come under fire recently about the integrity of their open source platform. Drupal has far more superiority when it comes to security. If the White House trusts it, you can trust it.
  4. As we all know, mobile integration is now a must have for any type of blog. Luckily for the Drupal community, there is a HUGE amount of mobile support. Don’t believe me? Just check out Drupal Gap which is dedicated to bridging the gap between desktop and mobile applications.

I am not trying to be biased over one platform over another. Both WordPress and Drupal have their ups and downs, and choosing one over another really depends on what you are trying to accomplish. As for Twitter (and a growing number of other companies), Drupal is a no brainer.


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