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Social Media Do's

Social Media Do's

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Want people to recognize you on Facebook? Be Consistent With Branding!  Images are an excellent way to create consistency for your brand; they portray a consistent image between all your online properties. The right images boost interaction and create awareness for your business. It’s no secret that some of the best Websites, Facebook, and Instagram accounts use graphics to convey their message & better connect with fans. 

Quick tips:

  • Promote Brand: If you have branded marketing material use it.  Many companies invest heavily in product branding.  Simple things like grocery stores branding their own bottled water.  Using those images pushed brand awareness and raises consumer loyalty.
  • Content: Many companies invest time and money creating white papers, collateral, and presentations.  Share this content.
  • Share knowledge: Even if it’s a year old. If it is still relevant, use it!  Old blogs, posts and whatever marketing pieces you’ve created throughout the years.

Brands can no longer rely on traditional marketing efforts. Mobile design and social media makes an impact on the way brands reach their target customers. If you want to continue to reach your target audience, focus your marketing strategy online.

As you continue to plan your marketing strategy for 2015, here are two digital visually relevant tips to help your target and focus on your online audience.

Prioritize Mobile Marketing

\With regards to mobile devices, a study by Nielsen found that 78% Hispanic women we the majority of users over 71% of non-Hispanic users.  Two very important things you can take from this are: the majority of women use their mobile devices to connect and you need to continually review your target audience and how they are utilizing technology to connect.  As the number of mobile devices surpass the number of people in the world and continue to take over the market, brands will have to create strategies for reaching their target audience through smartphones, tablets, and wearables.

Another example of targeting your audience is the fact that in the Hispanic population is “leap frogging the pc and moving straight into tablets”, according to Facebook.  This means that companies should expect their content to be viewed primarily through mobile devices. With this in mind, companies need to develop responsive websites and focus on local SEO and real-time mobile marketing, which can only be accomplished by understanding your target audience and implementing real-time marketing efforts.

Create a Visual Brand through Instagram

Yes, a picture speaks 1k words.  For that reason, you’ll need to create a visual front door matt that welcomes your guest.  This allows you to visually represent/showcase your business in the way you want to be perceived.  Visuals play a powerful role in digital marketing. If you haven’t thought about creating a visual brand for your business online, this is the time to get started.

Use Instagram to tell the story of your business through photos and videos. Your visual content can display your products, services, and “behind the scenes” footage of your business. By using Instagram you create your brand’s story and create a lifestyle for your business.  You’ll be able to connect with more customers and build a relationship with them through visual content.  Remember, each social media network has a different audience as well.


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