SEO Trends to Prepare for in 2017

SEO Trends to Prepare for in 2017

SEO Trends to Prepare for in 2017

SEO Trends 2017

Search engine optimization (SEO) is progressing at lightning speed. As 2016 winds down, it’s time to take a look at the digital marketing scene for the upcoming year.

A lot of the prominent trends of 2016 will continue to grow in 2017. As Google’s algorithm continues to constantly update, though, we’ll see several other trends take shape throughout this coming year.

Here are a few various SEO trends and strategies to keep in mind during the subsequent months:

  • The importance of site speed.
    Make it a point to cut down on unnecessary information on your website so your customers can be satisfied with incredibly quick page loads.
  • The rise of voice search.
    Incorporating a voice recording option within your website takes new importance in the upcoming year, as customers are beginning to appreciate the ease of talking over the hassle of typing.
  • Make your website mobile friendly.
    Google takes far higher likeability to mobile friendly websites over non-responsive sites.
  • Link building continues to reign supreme.
    Keep quality in mind, not quantity. Generate quality backlinks with proper keywords that are easy for both customers and search engines to comprehend.
  • User experience (UX) is the new SEO.
    Give your SEO rankings a boost by enhancing the customer experience via thorough website assistance and navigation.