White Paper: Magento User's Guide To Personalization Marketing Automation & Analytics

Personalization Marketing Automation & Analytics
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Amazon.com, the undisputed master of e-commerce, uses personalization and dynamic contextual content for one simple reason: it works. The days of e-commerce sites showing identical content to every visitor are long gone, and buyers can now expect a personalized shopping experience – with personalized emails and personalized shopping carts included.

“Personalization” and “dynamic contextual content” can refer to a broad range
of items, both on your website and in your marketing. For example, you can personalize your website to greet your customer with product recommendations tailored by past purchases immediately after log in. You can personalize your emails, as well, through marketing automation techniques that will make those on your email list more purchase-ready.

Over the course of our White Paper, Magento User Guide to Personalization, Marketing Automation, and Analytics, we thoroughly cover various types of business personalization, along with tips and insight detailing how to track the results of your personalization efforts.

To download our White Paper, click here.

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