Magento Ecommerce Website Black Friday Checklist

Magento Ecommerce Website Black Friday Checklist

Magento Ecommerce Website Black Friday Checklist

Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday make up the two busiest shopping days of the year, and for your eCommerce website that could spell trouble. This checklist will prepare your Magento website for the holiday season and make sure there is not any coal in your year end bonus.

  1. Back and Failover Strategy: Review the strategy in place and adjust if needed. One tool that can help save time is the Magento Database Extension. This extension will automatically backup your database every day
  2. You have built the traffic will come: Be ready for heavy traffic on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and be ready now. The sales start earlier every year, and many consumers spend days and weeks before Black Friday previewing sales ads. This means the increased traffic load can start anytime.
  3. Always be Testing: Test your system ahead of the holiday season to make sure everything will run smoothly. Magento ECG offers load testing services to assist you.
  4. Configure your Magento system: Optimize your eCommerce website for heavy traffic and minimize all other processes so that you do not strain your system.
  5. Clean up your Data: Check your CMS for inactive pages and utilize CDN’s to offload files quicker and maintain pagespeed. Set specific limits for abandoned shopping carts and clean up last holiday season’s data.
  6. Limit extra activity: Review your promotions and remove any rules that are not needed
  7. Plan far in advance: You are not the only Magento user, keep in mind many users are also make changes and updates and Magento will need time to update things like price rules.



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