An Introduction to Magento's Mobile Application

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In the industry of design and development, it is significant to note that usability and functionality is equally important as accessibility, especially since there has been a significant rise in popularity of mobile applications and platforms for online merchants. Whether you are visible throughout multiple platforms, browsers, or mobile devices, you want to ensure that the quality of user experience is not altered between platforms. Magento recently introduced the new Magento Mobile Application.  The application is compatible with Android mobile devices, iPads, and iPhones.  Magneto’s application is deeply integrated with Magento’s market-leading eCommerce platform.

With Magento’s new product, online merchants can provide a web shopping experience for customers that do not have a native application installed. The benefits include seamless storefront integration, the ability to manage multiple devices, hassle free submissions, fully customizable features, and ability to engage customers through geo-targeted push notifications.

With the fast-paced day to day life, mobile devices and PDA’s have become systematically integrated into daily routines. Whether it is downloading an application for organization and productivity, or fun and entertainment, we must face that technology essentially revolves around instant gratification. So how does this affect the industry of ecommerce? This means online merchants are placing their store’s visibility right in the palm of the hand of the consumer. 

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