Infrographic: The State of Ecommerce Infographic

State of Ecommerce Infographic
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This Infographic was created by Baynote, and includes data from a study that Forrester Research did in February 2012. Currently there are 167 million consumers shopping online, with each consumer spending on average $1207 per year. In 2016 Forrester Research predicts that 192 million consumers will be shopping online and spending 44% more.

Ecommerce giant Amazon recently turned 18 years old and they now sell much more than books. Consumers can virtually purchase everything online from their clothes and music to their groceries. Ecommerce is growing significantly, but it is growing slow compared to M-commerce sales. Currently shopping on mobile devices only accounts for $6.7 billion, but by 2015 it is predicted to jump to $31 billion. While some traditional retailers will be able to survive, the outlook does not look promising for most unless they change their business model. Does your business need an ecommerce site? How does your company capture the online consumer? 

Ecommerce Infographic


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