Infographic: Our Least Favorite Buzzwords

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Buzzwords. We've grown all too accustomed to them in business and marketing. If you're like me, there are certain ones you loathe. In fact, the very sound of certain buzzwords will send a chill down my spine. I'm all for slang or common colloquialisms, but there has to be a point to where I draw the line and say "No More!" (feel free to insert your own Jack Rebney voice when you read that phrase). After ranting about buzzwords after attending a session loaded with them, it seemed like creating an infographic about them would be really fun.

We've taken a look at some classics (proactive, synergy etc - also known as some of the worst words in the English language) and then mixed them with some equally stupid sounding ones (low hanging fruit, cost per like, etc) and put them in visual form for you. You can click on the infographic below to enlarge it and see in full size. You can also read below the infographic for more of my semi-witty banter (wishful thinking that I'm witty, I know) on buzzwords.  

Are there any buzzwords that aren't on this list that you'd use? Tweet at us @MagicLogix or let us know in the comments below. This also goes for any buzzwords that you might want to defend (gasp). However, you may be subject to my scrutiny or the scrutiny of another Magic Logix staff member for defending a buzzword. I'm looking forward to seeing if you guys have any other awesome ones in mind. For example, two really good ones my buddy Will recently pointed out to that missed the list but definitely should have been on there are "Vectors are aligning" and "Too much churn." You have to wonder who comes up with these stupid words and why they weren't working on something actually productive in their lives instead. I can just picture how some of these phrases come about. Just picture two guys walking out of a meeting:

Kenneth: "I'll tell you what, Todd really aced that preso. That was some snackable content for sure."

Ted: "Snackable content? Is that a new thing?"

Kenneth: "It sure is...NOW. We're on to something new here, buddy. Good things are on the horizon. If we use words like this in our every day, our ascent to the top is inevitable. We'll surely see positive ROI on this perpetual ladder climb."

In my mind's eye, there is no other option than for a guy named Todd to be involved in a "preso" after he's just wowed his co-workers Kenneth and Ted. Just picture the know I'm right here.

Anyway, those are some of our least favorite buzzwords here at Magic Logix! What are yours?

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