How Someone Googled Michigan State Sucks, and Found Us

How Someone Googled Michigan State Sucks, and Found Us

How Someone Googled Michigan State Sucks, and Found Us

Michigan State

This title seems crude, but it is true. This is one example of how unique content can affect search results. There are several factors that figure into the phrase "Michigan State Sucks" appearing in SERPs, but what is most important to it appearing and being clicked on is that the content be unique and relevant (disclaimer can appear different if search results are depersonalized).

The reason I’m writing about this is because I was reviewing our search queries in Google Analytics and this very subject came up. I was a little shocked at first that consumers were searching “Michigan State Sucks” and finding Magic Logix. Then I remembered that the last time Michigan played Michigan State in basketball we posted content about these two fans in our office and comments like “Michigan sucks” and “Michigan State sucks” went back and forth. In our office there’s a bit of a college football rivalry as somehow a University of Michigan fan and Michigan State Alumni ended up sitting right next to each other.

College sports and these two fans make a great analogy for digital marketing agencies. In college sports there are some pretty serious rivalries; whether it is Alabama vs. Auburn or Oklahoma vs. Texas, there’s not a lot of love between these schools. During football and basketball the two fans in our office have some heated discussions regarding their teams, but the team functionality still exists. Looking at the college football schedule, I see that it’s almost time for Michigan to play Michigan State again and I know that the Monday after the game our favorite office sports fanatics will have to limit their everyday interactions for a couple hours. I got thinking about this game, and I was also thinking about Magic Logix’s attendance at the search marketing industry show SMX East. It’s no secret that digital marketing agencies compete.

Bad blood exists between some, but for most it is just a lot of jawing back and forth over who is the best website design firm or who provides the best eCommerce solutions. The point of this blog is that although marketing agencies compete during the year they are still able to come together a couple times a year and put their differences aside to learn. Many will say that competition brings out the best in all of us, and I agree, but it doesn't compare to how much learning and progress is made when a room full of smart people get together and work as one.

At SMX, SEO vs PPC is usually a war in itself, but there is still a huge amount of learning that comes out of it. There might not be a song circle at the end of the week, but there will be a strong bond because we are all working to get better and willing to share our knowledge to complete our objectives.



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