Google Confirms Panda Update on Twitter

Google Confirms Panda Update on Twitter

Google Confirms Panda Update on Twitter

Google Panda

There was some serious SEO chatter on social media last week about a Panda update, but that was later corrected by Matt Cutts. He tweeted that instead of a Panda update, Google released a small algorithm change that improved the diversity of search results.

This was a much needed improvement because there have been many complaints that Google’s SERP’s were dominated by the same domain. The goal of this change is to allow a different sampling of web sites to be shown in search results.

So no Panda update, but that was last week. Google then confirmed on Wednesday they rolled out a Panda refresh over the past 24 hours. The refresh is said to only affect 0.7% of queries, but Google still warns to expect some flux over the next few days. This update is known as Panda 3.92 to fall in line with the other updates. Upcoming updates are said to occur about once per month.

Since these changes and continual updates are hard to keep up with, many of our clients have asked how it’s possible to stay ahead of the curve. Luckily, our friends overt at SEOmoz have started a timeline that Roger keeps watch over. If your goal is to stay ahead of the updates or to just be informed as possible, then I recommended visiting the Google Webmaster forums frequently. However, I will warn you that these forums have produced some false positives in the past, but a little fear of the upcoming doom never hurt anyone.

How often is the content on your company’s website updated? Is it considered high quality by Google’s standards? How do you track where you appear in search results? 



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