GA IQ Study Guide and Tips

GA IQ Study Guide and Tips

GA IQ Study Guide and Tips

GA IQ Study Guide

Recently, I received my Google Analytics certification after a few of weeks of studying and preparation. The overall experience was actually very enjoyable. There was plenty of information to commit to memory, but as a result I found myself digging deeper into the root meaning of some of the vital terms and concepts. As is the case of studying for any test, upon completion my knowledge of Google Analytics was much more vast – including a better grasp of calculating the metrics necessary for utilizing data reports to their fullest potential. The software itself is actually very user-friendly, which is an overwhelming bonus. It’s no secret that proper understanding of GA can help marketers hone in their strategy regardless on the size of their business or industry.

Now, everyone prepares for tests differently, but I wanted to share some of my thought process with you. If you go into the test blindly or just try and jump down from topic to topic without any plan, you will spend much more time on this than necessary. Therefore, I created this guide to help walk you through the process and make it a little more detailed and goal oriented. There are plenty of valuable resources out there to help you with your journey. I will also provide links within to help with the following:

  • Learning Practical Analytical Skills
  • Joining Google Analytics Study Groups
  • Understanding and Utilizing Google’s Help and Support

Taking Your Google Analytics Certification: FAQ, Tips and Vital Tidbits of Information

What is GAIQ? The Google Analytics Individual Qualification is a test offered by Google to prove that an individual is proficient in the use and understanding of GA.

How much does it cost to obtain your Google Analytics Certification? $50.

How many Questions are there? There are a total of 70 multiple choice questions chosen at random. To pass, you need to score at least a 80% (56 out of 70 correct answers). Scoring an 80 will allow you to receive your Google Analytics Certificate and have your name listed in Google’s list of Qualified Individuals. Not to brag, but here I am.

How long my certificate is good for? Your Google Analytics certificate is good for 18 months and must be renewed at the end of that time period.

Why should I obtain my GAIQ? Besides the obvious “it looks great on a resume” and is a must for any SEO to be taken seriously, if your company is interested in becoming a Google Analytics Certified Partner Google requires at least 1 employee to have completed his/her certification.

List of requirements to pass Google Analytics IQ:

  • Knowledge of how to use Google Analytics
  • Knowledge of how Google Analytics works (cookies, etc.)
  • Knowledge of RegEx (Regular Expressions)
  • Ability to think logically about a problem

List of Google Analytics IQ Preparation Resources

Some of the best links for practice: If you think RegEx is tricky, the following links are really useful:

Taking the GAIQ Exam

Before the Test

  • Make Notes: they can be digital or even an old fashioned notebook – but just make sure you’re taking notes.
  • Be confident: There’s no set date, so it’s a waste of time/money to take the exam before you’re ready.

During the Test

  • Re-Read the question and possible answers twice
  • Double check your answers
  • Don’t Rush
  • Remember that this is an Open Book exam – that means that you can have your Google Analytics open for any reference
  • You can pause the test and take breaks – doing so is always helpful if your mind starts to clutter
  • Eliminate wrong answers – you can actually score-out incorrect answers for later reference

Some GAIQ specific advice

  • If you can utilize two computer screens, then do so
  • For practice and learning
  • The test is only available in English
  • Google gives you feedback on common incorrect answers

My Wishes to you: Stay calm. You’re a pro SEO and you’ve probably passed many tests in your life. It’s not as daunting of a task as it may seem. Use these tips and let your confidence soar. I wish you nothing but the best of luck in your personal journey and development as a search specialist. Good luck! Once you receive your Certificate:

Are you ready? Start your test here! Got any advice that may also be helpful for other SEO professionals who are taking their Google Analytics certification? Leave your wisdom in the comments below!