Five Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing

Five Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing

Five Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing

Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing

Content marketing through social media has become one of the prime methods in digital marketing. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ are highly popular social networks with millions of users each. Also, some social networks are meant for specific purposes, such as DeviantArt for artists and GitHub for programmers. In this article, you will get five important tips for better social media marketing.

  1. Share High-Resolution Images

Do you have a story to share? You should share the story with a title image, which can be the image that you post with the story. This technique captures a user's attention quickly. You can share the post link as part of the description of the image. On Twitter, especially, this technique has been proven to increase retweets by 150 percent. The image you are sharing should also provide value. A high-resolution, clear image of relevance will bring more engagement.

  1. Schedule Your Posts

Within social media, you can always schedule your posts for a future date or time to target a person in a different time zone. You can use a post scheduler app such as Buffer for the purpose. This can be highly useful for global businesses with customers in different time zones. You can use an app such as Tweriod to identify the best time to post to social media sites.

  1. Share Content Multiple Times

There is no rule that says a piece of content should be shared only once. You can share your blog posts and articles as many times as you want on social media sites. There are several benefits to this. You can, for instance, reach people in different time zones, get additional traffic, and gather new followers.

  1. Content Restructuring

You may want to identify the best frame of reference for your content. For instance, if you are targeting college students, you may want to be a little informal in tone and entertaining in content. On the other hand, for business communication, try to keep it formal. You should consider the following aspects of your content in this regard: tone, language, topics, categories, collateral objects, etc.

  1. A/B Testing

In A/B tests, you share a version of a piece of content on social media, and then you share a different version of the same content. You then measure the reach and engagement for these two versions to identify the better one. For instance, you can change the title of the post you share to see what type of titles get more views and clicks. The timing, content, headings, etc., can be tested using A/B tests. This will help you identify the best criteria for your social media posts.


Social media marketing is an art that requires careful study. A good social media marketer should be able to understand his customers and value their opinions. Content creation, structuring, and timing should be done based on this understanding.

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