Favorite Branding Strategies and Tactics

Favorite Branding Strategies and Tactics

Favorite Branding Strategies and Tactics

Branding Strategies

Our premier rule of brand strategy is to align our clients’ brand assets to their brand identity. Using the digital forum to do that, Magic Logix maximizes the richness of the brand experience by merging technology, creativity and online marketing. CRM, CMS and SEO optimized, user-friendly design are central to that effort. Web 2.0 design is all about customer centric intuitive user interface and functionality being fully integrated into digital presentations.

Each element of the digital branding approach supports or extends the client traditional marketing mix brand strategy.  Examples include creating microsites that support corporate communications campaigns such as the Whole Foods streaming videos campaign for investor relations, retail promotional and e-commerce campaigns such as Gift Cards for Gloria’s Restaurant chain, and optimizing the search engine friendliness of the entire design of Marriott’s transnational ExecuStay site.

Magic Logix’s cardinal rule of digital marketing tactics is to follow the customer.  If our client’s customer is interested in TV programs or events that pertain to our client’s products or services, events will be on their website. Dom Gear, a sports gear e-tailer that sells fight wear to MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fans and fighters.  Their site contains opportunities for consumers to learn of industry events and updates, in addition to buying product. Dom Gear’s site offers consumers the chance in many creative ways, to learn about the MMA. Events are referred to and highlighted throughout the blog, social media profiles, and special tab on Dom Gear’s navigation bar for Multimedia Events.

Understanding the mind of the client’s customer has Magic Logix steeped in many seemingly endless research methodologies. Examples include focus groups, focus field studies, and results from marketing automation tools, most often from Marketo, Eloqua and Demandbase, Search Metrics SEO tools, and Radian 6 social media monitoring resources. ML works closely with clients to share, collaborate on and maximize all relevant data, and continuously search out and develop new ways to push the research envelop to better identify, monitor and analyze insights.

Best practices and tactics for listening and managing the conversation fall into two three broad iterative categories: hearing, asking, and engaging. Hearing involves staying on media’s questions, not just their headlines, i.e. working closely with PR, as well as monitoring conglomerate data in social media on topics pertinent to our clients’ brands and markets, staying on top of the influencer conversations and identities, which change rapidly from time to time, monitoring key word trends, blogs, mainstream headline correlations to online dialogues, and demand on a macroeconomic scale.

Asking involves using many of the listed market research methods and tools listed above. The key to engaging, as in asking and listening as well, consists of as highly customized an approach as absolutely possible, to communicate the overarching message that the customer is the center of attention, focus and care, at all times.

Digital brand image management best practices go hand in hand with those of listening, asking and engaging, as they determine the refinements of the brand positioning and unique selling proposition presentation.

At Magic Logix, we endeavor to provide an atmosphere that is uniquely conducive to creativity, in programming, campaign management, content management, and design and search optimization. Magic Logix’s fixation on threading customer insights into every aspect of digital branding, the satisfaction we receive from seeing results, and the relaxed confidence that flows from that experience, comprises the basis of our favorite tactics and strategies to build brand equity for our clients. It is actually of high priority to our CEO, that we have recreation and leisure items that all employees of Magic Logix have had input into the purchase and acquisition as well as productivity and creativity inducing benefit realization.

What new ways will traditional marketing maximize its use for digital marketing and how will they continue to converge and complement each other in the future?

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