The Big Game and Big Commercials

The Big Game and Big Commercials

The Big Game and Big Commercials

The Big Game and Big Commercials

Geeking out on advertising is something I’ve always done. I just can’t help it. The creation of creative ad copy and visual stimuli in order to drive a point home is exciting to me. You’ve essentially got a matter of seconds to grab the consumer’s attention to convince them that your product is superior to others. I don’t buy into the notion that advertising has led us to be a mind of drones that can’t think for ourselves, because it’s important for brands to promote their goods and services. Without advertising, it would be difficult to gain awareness about products that may improve your quality of life. Yes, I’m aware part of advertising also equates to irrelevant purchases (like your bandwagon Yankees hat), but there’s always going to be a little collateral damage. Besides, even the hipsters that buy into that theory purchase their goods from “evil corporations” like the rest of us, so that point is just as irrelevant as their ironic thick rimmed glasses and love of terrible bands like Mumford and Sons and Sleigh Bells.

When The “Big Game” happens this Sunday (your copyright rules are stupid, NFL…everyone knows it’s a synonym for ‘Super Bowl’ anyway), my eyes will be glued to the television to see who has come up with the magic commercial. I typically enjoy this more than the actual game itself, and without question enjoy it more than whatever musical line of crap they’ve assembled for the halftime show. So in the spirit of the commercial extravaganza, I wanted to post a few of my favorite super bowl commercials and campaigns here. I also can’t make it through a day without showing someone a video on YouTube anyway, so this blog is totally appropriate.

Doritos “Crash The Super Bowl”

Doritos has hit a home run. Feature consumer generated media for super bowl ads. This cuts down on the cost associated with producing a commercial, and creates hype for your brand. They award a commercial’s creator a million dollars if their Doritos ad wins the #1 ranking. Last year’s commercial actually did win the number one rank and cost the guy who made it under $50. However, I've posted the ninja ad from Doritos, simply because it cracks me up every single time. It’s absurd, which is right up my alley.

Reebok "Terry Tate, Office Linebacker”

Simply put, if you don’t like this advertisement then there is something wrong with you. It spawned a few different commercials, and I think the Terry Tate character is amazing. There’s also a nod to Office Space in the commercial, which I love. I think every office could benefit from a Terry Tate.

Kia Optima “Dream”

It’s got the Crue and Adriana Lima. What more could you ask for? My wife calls Adriana Lima “Derek Zoolander” because she says she only has one facial expression. I disagree obviously, because this commercial is probably the only time in my life I’ve ever considered buying a Kia.

Volkswagen “The Force”

I love this commercial. Everyone’s inner nerd can embrace it. Also, let’s be honest – kids and pets are the key to a winning commercial. You’re more likely to score a home run with one of those two elements in there. Well done, Volkswagen. Well done indeed.  

Budweiser “Swear Jar”

I actually don’t remember if this is a Super Bowl ad or not, but I wanted to post it just because it’s that funny to me. I’m sure there are others that I’ve forgotten…but this will keep you busy for now. Are there any ones that you seem to favor? Leave a comment and let me know!


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