5 Fresh and Fabulous Resources Every SEO Guru Needs to Discover

5 Fresh and Fabulous Resources Every SEO Guru Needs to Discover

5 Fresh and Fabulous Resources Every SEO Guru Needs to Discover

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Do you offer search engine optimization services to clients? Are you building a brand for yourself as a knowledgeable SEO expert? One way to ensure you stay ahead of others in your sector is to develop a resource list full of powerful SEO tools. Entrepreneurs and developers within the search sector are continually launching new interfaces specifically for SEO analysts like yourself. Research the following five fresh resources to see which ones can help you build brand authority and increase your online reputation as a top SEO specialist:

Dibz Currently accepting requests for early access, Dibz offers a powerful link-building tool for SEO specialists. Use Dibz to research link-building opportunities by keyword, language, and even date. Uncover opportunities based upon content format and filter SEO links by quality score.



If you're searching for a powerful platform to maximize the potential of your SEO efforts, dig into RankActive. This fabulous find offers meta-tag analysis, canonical tag checking, backlink monitoring, and keyword analysis. Incorporate everything from SERP snapshots to mobile SEO into your overall search strategy.


Webpage Now accepting beta access requests, Webpage lets you personalize the keywords you want to target and create to-do lists for your SEO strategy. With easy-to-follow instructions for on-page search optimization and detailed reporting features, Webpage is a great solution for clients looking for a simple way to boost their search engine placement. (webpage.ly)  

Seomator If you're on the hunt for an auditing and analysis tool, you'll love Seomator. Features include on-page and off-page SEO analysis, site structure analysis, keyword tracking, social media optimization, and content quality analysis. Seomator even offers a site analysis widget that users can embed directly into their websites.


QueryHive Now in the closed alpha testing stage, QueryHive is an intriguing discovery for SEO specialists who want to improve their organic traffic opportunities. Features include keyword grouping and analysis, global search ranking metrics, and SEO opportunity monitoring. If you want a tool to help your clients better understand their 'not provided' keyword data in Google Analytics, consider integrating QueryHive into your repertoire.  

As a search engine optimization specialist, it is imperative you maintain an awareness of new search tools. The more informed you are, the better the services you can offer your clients.



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