3 Ways to Drive eCommerce Success Through Security

3 Ways to Drive eCommerce Success Through Security

3 Ways to Drive eCommerce Success Through Security

3 Ways to Drive eCommerce Success Through Security

With the holidays right around the corner, merchants are busy preparing for the biggest sales time of the year. While there are many factors that determine eCommerce success during and after the holiday season, consumer trust is one of the most important, regardless of size.

Proper security is crucial to building this trust and online businesses need to take the necessary steps towards keeping customer information safe. The prevalence of phishing scams, malware and security breaches have made many anxious about giving away their personal information online – and with good reason.

Below are 3 ways incorporating security can help keep your online venture as secure and successful as possible.

Use a third party security provider

Most eCommerce sites have incorporated some form of backend security measures, but oftentimes it’s not enough. Cyber criminals go for low-hanging fruit and often gain entry by exploiting easily avoidable system holes like insecure domains. Third-party security vendors can provide a much needed outside looking in perspective and identify weaknesses that you may have missed. Partner companies can enhance the security you already have in place and help you avoid many threats altogether by scanning daily for malicious elements and thousands of vulnerabilities.  

Display a variety of trustmarks on your website

Another key way to build consumer trust is by displaying a variety of confidence elements like trustmarks on your website. Trustmarks generally take the form of a living icon or logo and signify that you are a legitimate organization, who abides by certain security or privacy regulations.  Displaying these reputable security elements not only show that you are a real business, but that you are open and transparent with your customers. While the specific ones you choose will depend on certain business needs, the more verification your site receives, the safer your customers will feel.  

Be PCI compliant

Merchants and payment providers rely on a set of industry standards known as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). In today’s threat laden environment, staying up to date with these payment card security standards is crucial. However, low levels of PCI DSS adherence, especially among small to medium sized online merchants, have resulted in more security threats for consumers. Aside from showing that you are taking the necessary steps to keep your customers’ data safe, making sure you are fully PCI compliant can ultimately mean the difference between success and failure. Online merchants who do not comply with these regulations are not only more vulnerable to security breaches, but can also face fines and other consequences. Online businesses small and large have an obligation to the customers who buy from them to achieve the highest levels of protection possible, and being PCI complaint is a crucial part of that.


Whenever an online entity is asking for personal details like credit card billing information, consumers need to be reassured that it will be kept safe and confidential. Leverage security to build this trust, and to show that your company is human, caring, trustworthy and safe. When visitors feel sufficiently comfortable interacting with your site, and increase in sales conversions is sure to follow. Follow McAfee on Twitter at @McAfeeSECURE , and McAfee's blog for the latest eCommerce news and events. Author Bio: Neal Gupta is a sales leader from McAfee. He works in sales management and web optimization strategy at McAfee in Plano, Texas.  He has worked there for more than three years.  Prior to that, he was at Nortel Global Communications and Enterprise Solutions Corporation. Gupta holds a Bachelors of Science in Business Management from the University of Texas at Dallas with focuses on strategic management and marketing.