Print Ad Review: Bridgestone Big Game Ad

Print Ad Review: Bridgestone Big Game Ad

Print Ad Review: Bridgestone Big Game Ad

Big Game Ad

Advertising geeks rejoice! The Big Game is almost here, and ad agencies are ready to showcase their multimillion dollar campaigns for our viewing pleasure. For those of us who are really into advertising, these commercials are just as important (if not more) than the game itself. We watch as many companies take the ultimate gamble and see their entire advertising budget disintegrate in seconds. Extremely large companies like Apple and Doritos have Big Game ads every year, but the TV ratings and hype are so large that companies of all sizes try and get in on the game. Bridgestone is a large corporation and is heavily involved in sponsoring sporting events, and we have selected a print ad they had from 2010 to review and discuss. Breaking down ads is very subjective, so if you disagree with us please leave us your opinion in the comment section below. Features:

  • exclusivity by stating it is Bridgestone or nothing, and that Bridgestone is the official tire of the NFL.


  • The ad claims that Bridgestone tires allows consumers to get more out of their car than other tires


  • Eye catching with the inside of the tire forming the shape off a football.

This ad has one important visual element, and that is the inside of the tire that forms a football and the white wording that resembles the laces of the football. This clever element catches your eye and holds your attention. The lighting also spotlights the Bridgestone name on the tire which I would consider at eye level. The positioning of the copy text could be better, it is at the bottom of the page and forgotten. The ad accomplishes highlighting the Bridgestone name and tires, and their partnership with the NFL. With two big brands like Bridgestone and the NFL, you don’t need something extravagant...simple works.


There are two different ways to look at this ad. Initially, simplicity is key in this print ad by Bridgestone. The black tire is surrounded by a brown hue while the opening of the tire resembles a football. In this regard, I really like this ad because it’s simple and to the point. The partnership between the NFL and Bridgestone is placed to emulate the stitching on a football, and the tagline is simple and to the point. The KISS guidelines taught in any intro level advertising class ring loud and true here. It’s a simple message of football: Bridgestone gets you the most out of your tires, and the NFL chooses Bridgestone for this reason. Therefore, it would be wise of fans to do the same. It doesn't have to try very hard to get your attention, as the focus of the ad is right in the middle of the tire. The consumer can easily think about football and tires within the first glance. The other way to look at this ad is that it doesn't necessarily tell you much. It’s a seasonal ad and works very well with Football season or especially around game day, but when you strip that away it’s pretty vague. I don’t mind this as I feel the modern consumer doesn't necessarily want to be shouted at like a used car commercial. However, the nondescript nature of the ad also makes it a little bland. Taking these elements into consideration, I still feel the positives outweigh the negatives and the ad does a great job of capturing your attention. What are your thoughts on this print ad? Leave comments below.


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