Marketo Forms 2.0 and Responsive Landing Pages

Marketo Forms 2.0 and Responsive Landing Pages

Marketo Forms 2.0 and Responsive Landing Pages

Marketo Forms 2.0

Brushing up on the latest and greatest within Marketo? there's plenty to be happy about. Forms 2.0 and responsive landing page templates are here, and they're going to change your life. Let's get into specifics so you can see just how these updates make your marketing efforts easier than before.

Marketo and Forms 2.0

The forms 2.0 creator was released on January 24, 2015. This was great news for marketers, because forms immediately became twice as effective as they were in previous versions. As a result, they're also easier to use and do not require a programmer, which saves tons of time, effort and money. Previous versions required JavaScript and HTML coding to make any sort of aesthetic or functional adjustment. If you're not a code monkey (as many of us marketers are most certainly not) this was a huge pain in the ass.

Not anymore! Forms 2.0 is all about adding building blocks for advanced use. The following is all now possible:

  • Conditional field display
    • Display what shows up on a form based on previous answers
    • Hide unnecessary fields on a page (this can help with conversion rate)
  • Multiple style themes
  • Set locales
    • For example, MM/DD/YYYYY can become YYYY/MM/DD
  • Font selection on forms
  • Ability to apply custom CSS
  • Double column form creation in the editor
  • Add rich text fields to forms
  • Placeholder text
  • Light boxes
  • Default follow up pages
  • Set error languages
  • Field sets
  • Progressive forms
    • Process is simplified in Forms 2.0
    • Add desired fields, which in turn are progressively displayed upon form completion

Marketo Forms 2.0 and Localization

Localization (as briefly mentioned above) allows you to work within conditional field visibility and to target and pinpoint locales. For example, if you're working within parameters of a country in the USA, all you have to do is show the "state" picklist. The same thing goes for additional countries, so if we're talking about our neighbors to the south, if the country is "Mexico," you would show the "Mexican States" picklist. If we're talking about state/city the same applies: "Texas" will heed way to a "cities" picklist. Your fieldsets now display conditional visibility. They're way less tedious of a task and are show relevant to the user based on known info.

Additional Features Within Marketo Forms 2.0

  • Customizable forms to help increase rate of response
    • Create multiple columns, add copy and images
  • Customizable follow up pages
    • Allows for targeted content
    • Send visitor to thank you page based on their location
  • Error messages specific to country
    • Once again: localization is key with Forms 2.0
    • You can also choose language and date fields to match region
      • This is the “setting locales” example we used earlier
    • Eliminate known users seeing the same content
      • Choose forms to bypass
      • Choose between new and existing visitors to your site

Forms 2.0: Social Fill

Social fill is also an option for Marketo Forms 2.0. Keep in mind it's dependent on the network and the user's privacy settings, but the following fields can be retrieved:

  • LinkedIn: First name, last name, title, company
  • Twitter: First name (as shown by display name), last name (as shown from display name), email
  • Facebook: First name, last name, email, DOB, job title, company

So yes, with forms 2.0, the life of today's marketers just got a howl lot easier. With localized content and less coding, we're also looking at an increase in conversions and more downloads. What's not to like?

Marketo and Responsive Landing Pages

Responsive landing pages were not responsive previously. As we all know, this is a huge convenience for both you and your customer. So many websites and information are accessed through tablet and mobile, it seems absolutely ludicrous to not have any sort of responsive page or template on your site. But, you really don't have to worry about that anymore, because now everything is mobile and tablet friendly in addition to your PC. (Shameless plug: if you'd like to know more about Responsive web design, you can click the link and download this whitepaper we wrote about the subject). So what benefits result from responsive landing pages in Marketo? Behold:

  • Higher CTR
  • Better engagement
  • Content displayed effortless across all platforms
  • User friendly
  • Search engines index responsive design high
  • Less work for you and your development team
  • Better for social engagement

Additionally, if you're looking for Marketo landing page resources, here's where you can find official Marketo landing page templates and cheat sheets for landing page optimization. So, that's the 411 on Forms 2.0 and responsive landing pages in Marketo. Your life just got easier. Believe us, we're totally thrilled about these updates. A solid fist bump to Marketo for sure.