Magic Logix Wants You to Win a Pebble Watch!

Magic Logix Wants You to Win a Pebble Watch!

Magic Logix Wants You to Win a Pebble Watch!

Pebble Watch

We've found that a few of us here at Magic Logix are fans of watches. I'm one of them myself, actually. I'm unfortunately also a fan of banging my watches into counters and such, so I find myself replacing them often. Last week, we took a break from the usual madness of all that is associated with digital marketing and the conversation somehow led itself to the idea that getting a new Pebble watch would be pretty awesome, specifically the Pebble Steel. Everyone had a different excuse as to why they needed a new Pebble of course, ranging from "they're just damn cool" to "this one is only here for fashion, I need to replace the battery."

With that in mind, we thought it would be really fun to give away a new Pebble Watch. Why not, right? It seemed like giving away a new watch would really be a fun idea. Since we're such big fans of Social Media, let's throw in some Social Integration. Why? Because Magic Logix cares about you and we want to hear from you, that's why. So, want to win a Pebble watch? Tell us why you should win and follow these four steps:

  1. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (whichever medium you prefer. We won't get mad if you choose all three).
  2. Take a picture that highlights why you think you'd be a good candidate to win
  3. In your picture description, tell us why you need a new Pebble
  4. Make sure to tag Magic Logix and use the official hashtag #NeedNewPebble

BMWEnclosed is my somewhat boring pic on our Instagram of my watch-less wrist near the boss's car (no, it's not my think I'd drive a BMW around here? Psssshhh...not me, friends. I could only hope. I'm more of an Audi guy anyway). The pic is alright, but we think clearly you can do better than this. I for one, believe in you. We'll comment on all your pics and engage in some friendly banter. When it's August 28, 2014, we'll announce the winner (drawn at random by us). So, that's the deal. Feel free to tell all your buddies about the contest for some healthy competition.

Good luck, we're all counting on you.*

*Cool points if you knew what movie this came from before having to click on the link.


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