How to make an Effective Marketing Video?

How to make an Effective Marketing Video?

How to make an Effective Marketing Video?

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One of the most important and vital marketing tools for every business is the marketing video. Videos like these serve to inspire, engage and motivate the customers to take action. Moreover, they also help to limelight the developers as industry leaders and subject matter experts, increasing the credibility of their work with both the customers as well as peers.

The five important elements to develop an effective marketing video are:

Appealing story works

Shameless advertisement of a service or product doesn’t necessarily make an effective marketing video. But in fact they use words, music & images to tell a convincing story regarding why the viewers must go ahead for a specific service or product. A clear and consistent message which is appealing to emotions of the audience is what constitutes an effective video. The end of the video should have a subtle call-to-action substance that will inspire the viewers to take some action: either purchasing a product, call for further information or share your video with others.

Keep them engaged

Have you ever wondered why short snappy videos of playing kittens, funny sneezing pandas and laughing dogs turn viral, grabbing worldwide attention of millions of online viewers? The reason for this attention is that the viral videos play on our expectation, keeping the viewers glued to screen, waiting to see what may happens next. The same thing is applicable to marketing video; to make it effective you need to engage your viewers, convincing them that they cannot afford to move ahead without viewing it at least once. Encourage viewers to share the video with others using embedded social media radio buttons and website links.

Real life solutions to problem

Internet is the first thing people look when they need answer, checking it out for immediate answers to everything from judicial problems to idea about how to cook Italian dinner for guests. Companies that produce successful corporate video production know one can solve various business problems, delivering excellent solutions to their audience using effective marketing videos. This improves the perception of consumers towards a business as credible and honest, two most important requirements among today’s skeptical shoppers.

Do not Complicate

In case of online marketing, keep in mind that the audience you are dealing with has attention span of shorter interval so avoid filling your marketing video with too many dialogues, excessive imagery or blunt music and instead try to focus on the message. Always put a limit on the length of the video, Convert large videos into short snippets to make it easy for viewers to watch and digest at a go. Majority of viewers do not like to watch long videos and they prefer short snippets which they can watch during morning travel or while waiting for a meeting on their compact smart phones, laptops or tablets. There are high chances that viewers while viewing your marketing video are multi-tasking so chances of having their complete attention and focus are less. Be sure that the video and audio of marketing video are designed in such a way as to have maximum impact on target audience.

Production quality is important

Regardless of how engaging or how effective solution a marketing video provides, poor quality of production can kill its effectiveness and impact in the market. A corporate video production company who is professional in the field will edit and produce your videos as per some benchmark standard trying to cross it, developing and protecting your professional image. Improper images, bad audio quality and sloppiness may lead the customers to falsely think that the business related with the video is not of good quality and reliability. Therefore you can build your status as a professional and creditable source by utilizing a professionally made marketing video as a powerful tool used to develop your business as well as engage large number of consumers.

This article was written by Joe Forte, co-owner of D-Mak Productions LLC. Clients choose D-Mak Productions for top quality video production in Phoenix. D-Mak Productions specializes in commercial, event, music, fashion and corporate video production and is known for its creative style of video production, fast turn-around time and easy to work with manner.


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