A Guide to Interning at a Digital Marketing Agency: Part 1: #LifeofanIntern

A Guide to Interning at a Digital Marketing Agency: Part 1: #LifeofanIntern

A Guide to Interning at a Digital Marketing Agency: Part 1: #LifeofanIntern

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As college students, or graduates I think it’s fair to say that whenever we think of our first internship we think of what we’ve seen in the movies, or even what we’ve heard from our friends:

  1. Getting coffee for your entire office and trying to prevent permanent burns as you’re sprinting to get back on time.
  2. Answering a plethora of phone calls.
  3. Making copies…after copies…after copies.

After all, internships are there to give you “experience” so you don’t fall on your face in the real world. Learning how to answer calls appropriately and going on coffee runs are all résumé builders, right?

On my first day, I was prepared for all of the above. I basically had my sprinting shoes on and was ready to beat the world record for fastest coffee run. However, upon my arrival I realized that no one considered me the “stereotypical” intern. I got my own office within the first week, which resulted in me blasting selfies all over social media to show my excitement. I felt like a #boss, until I realized there were cameras everywhere. I’m sure my boss enjoyed watching me take selfies for an hour (#dontfireme).

What I Learned My First Week as an Intern

Within my first week at Magic Logix I felt like I had learned a semesters worth in just a couple of weeks. Our social media director/marketing manager Chris taught me several subjects ranging from:

In addition to the one on one interaction, a portion of my time has also been spent reading articles, taking notes and learning how to apply it to real life. For example, before working here I was unfamiliar with Foursquare, which we utilize within the marketing strategy for many B2C clients. Chris explained how to make accounts for different clients and the process of claiming them. Retaining all of that information, I was able to apply what I had read about to a real life client scenario.

Perks That Go Along With the Job

My favorite part about this internship is of course the abundant amounts of Keurig coffee I get to drink every morning. As a college student you basically live off of caffeine. I’m still working my way on trying all the new flavors; I’ll have that accomplished soon enough. The team members here at Magic Logix are the most amazing people I have worked with so far. Everyone is down to earth, hardworking and open minded to hear everyone’s ideas, which I feel is vital when working in a team environment. On our breaks we even get together to play a game of air hockey or pool. I love the small company atmosphere. As a shy person, it definitely makes it easier to express my opinions. 

The Importance of Interning

Currently, as a student at University of North Texas, I’ve learned a great deal from the UNT Marketing Department and from UNT’s chapter of the American Marketing Association. The fact that I’m able to apply my knowledge from school to my internship makes learning that much more worthwhile.  Acquiring an internship should be a number one task for students before they graduate. It not only looks great on your resume, but the experience you get is incredible, and that way you can finally get your mom to put one of your accomplishments on the refrigerator door.

Social media is everywhere and it’s constantly changing. Learning something new every day from Dallas’ brightest motivates me to never snooze that alarm clock. I’m excited to work with smart, talented people and to tackle different tasks each day. I love what I do so far as an intern and I’m eager to learn more. Watch out everyone, the intern has arrived. Don’t hesitate to connect with me on LinkedIn! I hope this guide to interning at a digital marketing agency has provided benefits to my colleagues. -Till next time


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