Effectiveness of Marketing Automation on Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing
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The Digital Marketing For Business Conference takes place on May 6-8 in the great town of Raleigh, NC. The 3 day event has over 40 sessions that are open to all attendees. The conference will be divided up into three separate areas of concentration:

  • Small business track
  • Enterprise track
  • Expert track

All of these feature sessions from a variety of topics, including branding, social media, marketing automation, search engine optimization, big data, the cloud and more. Our CEO Hassan Bawab will be speaking on May 7 at 2:00 PM in the expert track sessions. His discussion will cover the effectiveness of marketing automation on digital marketing. As someone who's no stranger to the topic, Hassan has often spoke about the numerous benefits that marketing automation can have on the digital scene including proper CMS integration, key business insights into the integration of marketing and more.

If you're attending the session, make sure to stop by the talk. There's going to be lots of valuable information contained within, and Hassan is always up to meet new people and talk about all things digital marketing related. Hope to see you guys there!  

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