Why Your Last Social Media Campaign Failed

Have you found that using social media marketing to grow your business is proving to be difficult? You’re not alone. In fact, research shows that around 60% of small businesses are disappointed with the results of their social media marketing. Let’s dive into 6 reasons why your last social media campaign failed and how you can fix it for the next campaign.

1. Lack Of Clear Marketing Objectives

Marketing Objectives

A proper strategy should always be in place when planning a social media campaign. Without clear, defined goals, there will be no way to measure the success of your marketing efforts. For example, if you’re running a social media campaign to build your email subscribers list but are expecting an immediate ROI, you’re likely to be disappointed with your results. Always make sure your goals and tactics line up.

2. Proper Tracking Isn’t Set Up

One of the powers of digital marketing is the ability to set up tracking pixels to measure campaign results over time. Whether you’re running organic or paid social media campaigns, make sure you have the proper pixels installed on your website and landing pages. These can vary depending on what platform you use, but you can start with the Facebook pixel and Google Analytics, to get you on the right path.

3. Not Monitoring Your Campaign

This should go without saying, but social media campaigns are not often something that you can just set and forget. Just like your content strategy, you need to stay on top of your campaigns to measure key performance indicators. Depending on your campaign, some key metrics include cost per lead, cost per click, reach, and obviously, the amount of your budget spent.

4. Ignoring Your Social Media Campaign Data

Social Media Campaign Data

By monitoring your campaign, you’ll also be able to hone in on how your target audiences are responding to your content. Ignoring customer data is digital marketing suicide. Along with powerful tracking pixels for measurement, social media platforms offer a powerhouse of robust data tools to help you find your ideal customer. Spend time researching your audience using Facebook’s Audience Insights tool to start.

5. Offer/Audience Mismatch

As you learn more about your audience, you might find that your last social campaign failed due to an offer that just wasn’t appealing to them. Tweaking your offer based on your customers’ pain points and desires, whether it be a free trial, discount, or special deal. By doing so, you’ll be likely to see greater success in your next campaign.

6. Not Marketing Retargeting Or Following Up

Marketing Retargeting

Last but certainly not least, it’s important to remember that any branding or marketing sometimes requires a few touch-points before a lead will convert into a customer. Failing to use retargeting ads or a follow-up email sequence can seriously impact your campaign. When you retarget or follow-up via email, your new warms leads are more likely to turn into sales.

Get Your Social Media Marketing On Track!

Getting these 6 elements in line is likely to put any social media campaign on the road to success. Check out Magic Logix Blog Articles for more insights on how to get social media working for you. Ready to launch your brand into the digital space, but not sure where to start? Contact our team and let’s partner up to achieve your goals!

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