How AI Can Help You Elevate Your Digital Marketing

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already reshaping most industries, such as finance, retail, and tech, and changing the way companies do business. But, can this transformation be applied to digital marketing too?

The numbers seem to point to that.

Reports show that 47% of organizations already have a clear digital marketing strategy that also includes AI while 84% of companies agree that an AI-oriented marketing strategy will give them a competitive advantage.

But, how can you use artificial intelligence to improve your digital marketing transformation?

Here are some tips.

Use AI To Make Better Decisions About Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Most companies use AI for data collection. Rather than compiling data about their target audience manually, they use artificial intelligence to identify, collect, and aggregate every customer interaction into useful data that they can then use to create better marketing campaigns.

With this data thoroughly compiled, organizations can use AI to create more meaningful, personalized interactions with their target audience.

Think about the last time you’ve visited the page of an online retailer like Amazon. You’ve probably received suggestions of products that you may enjoy. These suggestions are made based on your past purchases and browsing and their goal is to improve and personalize your online experience.

Engage Your Audience With Chatbots

You Would Probably Need An Army Of Customer Support Representatives Working 24/7 If You Want To Provide Excellent Customer Support To Your Customers. With Chatbots, You Can Answer And Address Your Audience’s Most Common Questions And Concerns And Help Them Move Down The Sales Funnel.

While Chatbots Are Nothing New, Especially For Retail Businesses, Machine Learning Has Made It Possible For These Bots To Better Understand And Compile Human Speech. It’s Called Natural Language Processing (NPL) And Is Used In Chatbot Technology To Make Them Understand Basic Requests From Customers And Mimic Human Language Better.

AI Can Help You Create Better Content

Content plays a significant role in the customer’s purchase process. One report found that 60% of consumers think that blog posts can impact their purchasing decision.

But, as we all know, creating high-quality content on a regular basis can be quite difficult and time-consuming.

With AI, you can brainstorm more content ideas and do it faster. Moreover, you can analyze the behavior of your readers as well as the performance of your existing content and identify any gaps. For instance, if you notice that your audience leaves the page without taking any action, your AI tool can make suggestions for improving your CTA or adding content that can address their potential concerns.

Are You Ready To Include AI In Your Digital Marketing?

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When it comes to machine learning, there seem to be two sides. There are those who are excited about the future and those who fear that machines will take their jobs. For digital marketers, artificial intelligence can only help improve their marketing campaigns and reach their audience better and more effectively. Savvy businesses are already aware of this benefit and are beginning to introduce machine learning in their digital marketing strategy. How about you?

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