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  • November 21

    It’s been over a week since Kim Kardashian proclaimed she would “break the internet” by posting a recreation of a photograph from Jean-Paul Goude’s 1982 book Jungle Fever. As we’re all well aware, the picture shows her bare ass and was followed by a full frontal picture a mere 24 hours later. The internet responded […]

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  • October 22
    Responsive Web Design 101

    We’ve made it no secret here at Magic Logix that responsive web design is something we strongly believe in. We make sure every website we do is fully responsive (from our own site down the line. Recent examples are Gloria’s Latin Cuisine, DocResponse and WOLMED). In our series of marketing collateral relevant to our marketing […]

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  • October 7
    10 BD Small Biz

    The kind folks at 10 Best Design have done their most recent polling and analysis of web design firms. Magic Logix made their list. In fact, we’re ranked as #3 by this institution. In addition to the awards page, they’ve also set up an informational page about Magic Logix for anyone on their site to […]

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  • October 6
    Elliott Mukhtar 2

    Greetings, all! Today, we’d like to introduce you to two of our newest team members: Elliott Munoz and Mukhtar Lakha. They’ve recently joined our team here at Magic Logix, and we’re happy to have them here! Here’s a little more about them: Elliott Munoz is a recent addition to our marketing team. A bi-lingual photographer […]

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  • September 30
    internet easter eggs

    It’s true – Easter’s a bit of the way off. But maybe we love candy. Or those little chocolate rabbits. Or peeps. Definitely peeps. Whatever the case may be, we created an infographic about easter eggs. Of course, we’re not really talking about Easter eggs here. We’re talking about easter eggs found on the web. You know, those […]

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