• January 30
    Big Game

    According to data from ad-tracking research firm Kantar Media, the average rate for a 30-second spot during the Big Game has increased 75% over the past decade and totaled $4.2 million in 2014. If you’re like most businesses, you don’t have 4 Million to throw down the drain like GoDaddy. Therefore, you’ll need to get […]

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  • January 29

    The age of the smartphone is well underway and these days there’s an app for everything, so why not the grocery store?  One of the greatest benefits of smart devices is their GPS abilities, which are already in use to do a number of tasks, from everyday navigation, location services individual apps, cataloging photos geographically, […]

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  • January 28
    Web of Things

    The Web of Things – An Overview As more and more of the objects, or “things” we interact with in daily life become “smart”–that is, having internet connectivity and computing capability–we see the rise of what has been termed the “Internet of Things.” Put simply, the Internet of Things is the name for the rapidly […]

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  • December 12

    The 2014 Dallas Digital Summit has come and gone and we had an absolute blast there. In addition to attending, we were also conference sponsors and had a booth in the exhibitor hall. It was multiple days of hustle and bustle, from meeting practically everyone at the convention to listening to some great speakers. Our […]

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  • December 3
    blog image

    While Thanksgiving has come and gone, this entire time of year is seen as a time for friends, family and enjoying your holiday season. Here at Magic Logix, we had a discussion right before the Thanksgiving break, and we’re definitely thankful for a lot. We’ve got great employees, we’re always on the forefront of all […]

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