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  • August 19
    Visual Aids

    “We (those in marketing) need to look at our PC screens as if they were televisions and people do not read television, they watch it.” – Bob Gollwitzer It is known that most people are visual and with a little over 350 million people in North America, about 300 million of those people are Internet users (2014), that’s […]

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  • August 14
    Pebble Watch

    We’ve found that a few of us here at Magic Logix are fans of watches. I’m one of them myself, actually. I’m unfortunately also a fan of banging my watches into counters and such, so I find myself replacing them often. Last week, we took a break from the usual madness of all that is […]

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  • July 11
    Life of an intern

    As college students, or graduates I think it’s fair to say that whenever we think of our first internship we think of what we’ve seen in the movies, or even what we’ve heard from our friends: Getting coffee for your entire office and trying to prevent permanent burns as you’re sprinting to get back on […]

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  • May 8
    AMASoFL Hassan Bawab

    Magic Logix CEO Hassan Bawab has been invited to speak at the American Marketing Association’s South Florida Chapter on May 21, 2014. With a talk centered on Web 3.0 for marketers, this is surely a treat for the city of Miami. As web 2.0 has peaked, it’s time to make room for the next logical […]

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  • May 6

    Obviously this should go without saying, but ecommerce is a huge industry. If done correctly with proper care taken, it can be very lucrative for an entrepreneur. Now, one thing that’s very important for ecommerce businesses is personalization and context marketing. Personalization and context marketing can have a direct effect on your ecommerce business and […]

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