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  • August 21
    Life of an Intern

    It’s no surprise that life can get pretty hectic. If you’re a college student and full time intern you may as well kiss your social life goodbye. Remember those nights when you got $h!t faced with your friends every weekend after a long week of “studying?” Or how about the time when you just slept […]

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  • August 19
    Visual Aids

    “We (those in marketing) need to look at our PC screens as if they were televisions and people do not read television, they watch it.” – Bob Gollwitzer It is known that most people are visual and with a little over 350 million people in North America, about 300 million of those people are Internet users (2014), that’s […]

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  • August 14
    Pebble Watch

    We’ve found that a few of us here at Magic Logix are fans of watches. I’m one of them myself, actually. I’m unfortunately also a fan of banging my watches into counters and such, so I find myself replacing them often. Last week, we took a break from the usual madness of all that is […]

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  • July 11
    Life of an intern

    As college students, or graduates I think it’s fair to say that whenever we think of our first internship we think of what we’ve seen in the movies, or even what we’ve heard from our friends: Getting coffee for your entire office and trying to prevent permanent burns as you’re sprinting to get back on […]

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  • May 8
    AMASoFL Hassan Bawab

    Magic Logix CEO Hassan Bawab has been invited to speak at the American Marketing Association’s South Florida Chapter on May 21, 2014. With a talk centered on Web 3.0 for marketers, this is surely a treat for the city of Miami. As web 2.0 has peaked, it’s time to make room for the next logical […]

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