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  • September 30
    internet easter eggs

    It’s true – Easter’s a bit of the way off. But maybe we love candy. Or those little chocolate rabbits. Or peeps. Definitely peeps. Whatever the case may be, we created an infographic about easter eggs. Of course, we’re not really talking about Easter eggs here. We’re talking about easter eggs found on the web. You know, those […]

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  • September 24

    In the dark ages of marketing, a marketer could broadly target an audience by choosing to run an ad in a topic-specific magazine, sending a postcard to a particular zip code, or running a television ad at a particular time next to a particular show. It was hard to guess exactly who would or wouldn’t […]

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  • September 18

    If you keep up with Magic Logix, you know that responsive web design is a cornerstone of our web development process. We value it over mobile adaptive design, and make sure that every website we create responds perfectly to any device at any resolution, be it desktop, mobile or tablet. The other day, our intern […]

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  • September 15
    Magic Logix 10 Year Anniversary

    Mondays are often hard to get kickstarted. This Monday, however, is completely different. As we walked into the office today, we were all smiles. Sunday marked the 10th anniversary of Magic Logix as a company. That’s ten years of web development, web design, search, social, marketing automation, ecommerce and beyond. In the last decade, we’ve […]

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  • September 10

    In every day life, the word “agile” means to move swiftly or quickly. In business, it’s recently become a buzz term, as seen in phrases such as “agile web development” and “agile project management.” This buzz term can be easily deconstructed to signify not a specific process, but rather an attitude. Agile web development refers […]

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