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  • April 18
    Hassan Bawab Book Signing

    Our CEO Hassan Bawab recently wrote a book titled “How to Work with a Digital Marketing Agency” and has been making the media rounds with his book. If you’re interested in meeting him and dishing on all things digital marketing, picking up a copy of the book and getting it signed, you can do so […]

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  • April 17

    Oh Drupal, you’re everywhere. Here at Magic Logix, we’ve used this platform quite extensively (and are partnered with them as well), so it’s no surprise that our team sat down to create a Drupal infographic (we’ve been really into infographics lately, in case you couldn’t tell). Now if you’re an expert within this realm, some […]

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  • April 15
    Tech Trends

    What technology trends are going to shape the future of ecommerce? In particular, which trends should you be paying attention to as an ecommerce owner? Here are five of the many trends you can expect to play a major role in eCommerce over the next five to ten years. 1. Drones aren’t just for the […]

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  • April 1

    What trends should social media marketers be aware of in 2014? Here are three social media trends that your brand should be paying attention to. 1. Good-bye, organic reach on Facebook. If you manage a Facebook page, you’ve probably already noticed this trend: You can say good-bye to a comfortably broad organic reach on Facebook […]

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  • March 24
    Ecommerce Drones

    Amazon’s Prime Air is all the buzz after being revealed on 60 Minutes. Deliveries in under 30 minutes by autonomous drones; well-timed PR stunt (Cyber Monday) or a real service in the pipeline that we would all totally pay for? It’s most likely a bit of column A and a bit of column B, with […]

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