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From a fresh, attractive web design to an easily navigable flow, technically sound architecture, and an overall great user experience, we design and create websites that help you stand out.

Enjoy a boost in organic web traffic, engagement, and conversions. Let one of the top web development agencies in Texas turn your website around.

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Web Design

First impressions matter – no one knows that better than our web designers. If a website is boring to look at and difficult to navigate, you’re going to lose visitors and potential customers. But our web development agency (Dallas) doesn’t let that happen – We make sure the web design reflects your brand aesthetic and ensures a smooth user experience.

Web Development

Whether you are looking for a single-page website or a complex site with many levels, our web developers create the user experience you are looking for. Equipped with a technical skill set and highly proficient in translating ideas and designs into an actual website structure, we turn your vision into reality. All the while ensuring a smooth flow at the back end.

Website Maintenance

There is more to a functional website than a great design and structure – the site must constantly be modified and upgraded to the best version of itself. Our experts closely monitor the performance of your website on a regular basis, ensuring that any issues that arise are dealt with in a prompt manner. After all, an up-to-date site is a successful site.

Add-On Services

While our core team takes care of the core design and backend technicalities of the site, there is more to a site that makes it stand out. From the creative copy that attracts and engages customers to the blog, graphics, and beyond, we offer additional services that fill in any gaps. The best part? You get to choose the services you need to form a custom package for your needs.

Data Security

Regardless of the type of business you run or the niche in which you operate, data security is a top priority. Our web developers take steps to ensure your data and systems remain protected from any sort of malicious activity including theft and fraud. This also gives your customers more confidence in your site as they know their data is safe with you.

Eons Ahead of the Rest

A good we developer creates a decent website with a good user experience. A great developer breaks away from the norms and incorporates features that set your website apart.

Our developers stay up to date with the latest technology trends so that your customers go away with a great image of your brand!

Internet of Things (IoT)

Building large, interconnected networks that facilitate the transfer of data is key to success in today’s world of business. We use IoT technology to better solve your consumers’ problems and enhance their user experience, in turn converting them into loyal customers.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

As cliché as it may sound, time is money – the longer it takes for your webpage to load on a consumer’s handheld device, the greater the chance of you losing them. We use AMP technology to reduce load time, decrease bounce rate, and ensure a smooth user experience.


Today’s consumer wants instant responses. Yours is no different. We incorporate chatbots into your webpages to greatly enhance the user experience of your customers. Providing an instant response to queries, complaints, and comments, chatbots engage and convert the consumer.

Voice Search Recognition

If your website is optimized for voice search, you’re essentially expanding your customer base. How? Because every time a potential customer uses voice search, your website shows up on the search engine results pages (SERPs). We use this technology to get you more hits and, hence, more customers.

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Why Choose Magic Logix

More often than not, people come to us with half-done websites that are a mess. The team of professionals at our Dallas web development agency does it right the first time around. With years of experience developing websites for a wide variety of clients, they possess the skill set required to develop your site with ease.

When we take charge of your website, it is our responsibility to do everything from start to finish. Our team starts off by understanding the unique needs of your business, after which we come up with some core designs. Once approved, the team develops the site, incorporating your opinions and feedback at every step of the process.

Our web design and development agency (Dallas) has been in the industry for years. With ample experience designing websites of all kinds and successfully dealing with all the issues that come up as a result, our experts excel at giving you exactly what you are looking for. Share your requirements and let us take care of everything else.


The cost for website development varies based on the design, structure, and complexity of the site. The starting package at Magic Logix is

If our web developers are able to incorporate your desired feature, they will let you know. A quote will be shared for this additional service before implementation begins.

Absolutely. Our team will start by conducting an audit on the current site so that it can fix existing issues before it works on the rest of the site.

Ongoing maintenance services can be provided by our team. Additional costs can be discussed during a consultation call.

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