Our Process

Project Parameters

We identify all components of the project, lockdown specifics, create a timeline, and identify resources in order to streamline the entire process and minimize potential surprises.

Project Management

Your project lead will see you through the entire development process, as they are the keeper of all related information and the champion of your project. The project lead keeps everyone and everything on track, makes sure milestones are met and, most importantly, is the guardian of the almighty budget.

How We Work

Research + Logic + Processes + Technology + Imagination = Magic

Project Kick Off

Roles and responsibilities between Magic Logix and the client team are established and a project timeline is agreed upon.


Referencing the proposed timeline, stages of the project are mapped out and all activities and resources are assigned accordingly.


Here, we use our powers of deduction to identify all components and data crucial to the project.


Taking what we learned during the discovery stage, we delve deeper. Quick and effective use of our internal and extended sources are made to expand upon the discovery data.


(wire framing)

This is where our development team shines. We apply our expertise to create a set of interfaces that maximizes seamless human involvement and customer satisfaction.

Creative Concepts


This phase of our process is among our favorites. We thrive on bringing you ideas that accurately reflect your objectives, as well as enhance the personality of your brand.


(bi-weekly sprints with daily scrum)

This is where the core team gets to the vital stage of managing the development process, detail by detail, with intense scrutiny of everything.

Beta Build

Release the hounds! We watch where they go, track if they perform as intended, gather any strays, and retrain as needed.

Content Migration

More like corralling cats than a flock of birds, moving the right content from one source to another takes skill and patience. We excel at both.


Test, test, then test again. All lingering bugs or quirks are identified and corrected and additional fail-safes are built.


From determining the optimal roll out schedule to detailing the announcement of the final piece, a fully integrated marketing campaign is put into place, skillfully guided by our in-house experts.


Once successfully deployed, it’s time to closely monitor progress, make adjustments as needed, and begin tracking results.

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