Why Restaurant Patrons Have a Taste for Responsive Web Design

Why Restaurant Patrons Have a Taste for Responsive Web Design

Why Restaurant Patrons Have a Taste for Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design for Restaurants

One of the biggest draws for restaurant patrons is the pleasure of having everything brought to you. However you order your steak or choose your cheesecake topping, the restaurant's staff will oblige, giving you exactly the dish you had in mind. It's a chance to relax, to take it easy. That ease is what responsive web design creates for your restaurant's online presence. When your website design makes the user experience an easy, pleasant one, you've garnered repeat business.

How Responsive Web Design Boosts Your Bistro

Responsive web design is a fancy phrase for a website that adjusts to the format on which it's viewed. Ideally, you want to reach the guy who's just come home from work and wants to check his desktop computer for a nearby restaurant, the CEO who's on her iPhone looking for a good spot for a business dinner and the college kid who's using his mobile device to find a special place to take his prom date. They're all using different pathways to your site, but they all want to arrive at the same place: an easy-to-use site. When your site offers total usability to everyone regardless of platform, you're using responsive web design.

Mobile searches are quickly overtaking desktop computer searches, and nowhere is this trend more apparent than with restaurants. You know how important great reviews are, and every restaurateur courts online reviews that bring vital word-of-mouth business through the doors. An estimated 40 percent of an eatery's hits now come from mobile devices. Within a few years, that figure is expected to overtake desktop systems.

It's a sign of how customers are using smart phones and other devices on the go. Why be tethered to a desk when you can look up the name of that great new Italian place on your iPhone? Why cook when you can find five terrific Chinese restaurants within walking distance of your home? It's become easy for customers to check reviews and read menus while they're on the way to your place. That means it's also easy for them to see your competition, so it's more important than ever to make the most of responsive web design to create a better user experience.

Responsive Web Design: Bite-Sized Information

Think about some of the top trends in dining over the past five years. Sliders, cupcakes and shot glasses of everything from cocoa to soup have one thing in common: size. It's more fun to eat three little burgers with different toppings than one big burger that's the same from beginning to end. The same philosophy holds true for information. In an increasingly mobile society, people tend to jump from topic to topic and site to site without assimilating any one too deeply until they run across something eye-catching enough to entice them to stay.

In the early days of the Internet when everyone was on a lumbering desktop system, everyone had the same cathode ray screens, so websites didn't have to take multiple and varied platforms into consideration. They might give a nod to people with older systems by offering a text-only version of the page, but that was about as close as they got to responsive web design. Site visitors ate what they were served. Great design and a rich user experience that visitors can enjoy from all platforms is fast becoming a necessity rather than a nicety. If your site's visitors don't like what you're offering on the page, they'll keep looking.

Serving Every Taste

While no one will agree universally on what makes a restaurant great, there's a general consensus on a few great restaurants. The French Laundry, Commander's Palace and Le Chateaubriand earn their place atop lists of the best dining experiences in the world. They achieved their status because almost everyone who visits these establishments comes out awed by the food that the culinary giants behind the restaurants have produced.

Great chefs build great restaurants, and great marketing teams build great responsive web design systems. By offering information in a way that everyone can sample it, you give everyone a reason to try your actual service after they've been impressed with your virtual service. Making menus easy to read online from an iPhone, iPad, Android or other mobile device as well as a desktop computer or even a large-screen television whets readers' appetites for what you're serving. Interactive polls that are easy to answer via phone, laptop, tablet or desktop computer helps you find out more about what your customers want without leaving out any demographics.

Responsive web design makes your website easy to use; good marketing makes it beautiful. Put them together, and you have an unbeatable combination that will entice those frequent texters, habitual surfers and mobile mavens to stop a minute and see what you have to offer. Increase your usability, streamline your user experience and welcome the mobile generation into your restaurant.

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