White Paper: Agile Web Development and Scrum

Agile Web Development and Scrum
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It's whitepaper time! This month, we've tackled agile web development and the scrum process. If you've wanted to know more about this process/methodology, it's a must read guide. The following points are touched upon:

  • An overview of agile development
  • Why you should use agile development
  • Traditional vs. agile development
  • Agile's great flexibility
  • Scrum methodology: overview, stages, roles of team members
  • How scrum actually works
  • Burndown charts and scheduling
  • Agency and client communication
  • Real life examples of agile and scrum use

Agile web development is something we are very passionate about here at Magic Logix. We recognize how it can be seen as a buzz term, but adopt the philosophy in our process to help foster greater client communication and to maintain a streamlined process from start to finish. We've found that adopting this methodology has resulted in a happier client base, less time spent on projects and an amazing ability to adapt to unforeseen changes or new technologies. Of course, the whitepaper expands on this in greater detail.

Why don't you DOWNLOAD THE WHITEPAPER today and give it a read. 

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