Vine vs Instagram: The Battle Rages On

Vine vs Instagram: The Battle Rages On

Vine vs Instagram: The Battle Rages On

Vine vs Instagram

There's no secret to it, Instagram is by far one of my favorite social platforms. There's been plenty a night out or some type of event where I've enjoyed documenting everything through my photos (because, you know...I'm sure everyone is super curious as to what I'm doing 24/7). Then along came Vine, and I jumped on that bandwagon as well. I loved the idea of it, and used it for a few different accounts (personal, clients, Redefine etc). It was the best of all worlds to me; two separate apps with two awesome functions. I don't like to go crazy with apps, so when I find ones that I like that much, I'm more than happy to use them. Then the big Instagram video update announcement came.

Oh, sweet internal conflict. Whatever shall I do?

I've given it a week or so, because I really wanted to formulate an opinion on this. When the service was first introduced the internet was quick to lend their opinion, with every person from every marketing company and beyond blogging about Instagram's potential to be the Vine killer. I found it better to wait and then to use both services for a little bit before commenting on this discussion. After some deliberation, careful thought and even more time spent on my iPhone, I can confidently state that there are pros to both services, but in my opinion Vine still comes out on top. Here's my take on the two platforms.


I love the quick six seconds you get to record video. Sure, there's been times that I've needed a second or more, but I think this just helped me come up with a more creative video (although truth be told, I could have used an extra second to complete the Roy Hibbert Challenge). Another great feature to vine is that the video quality is just a little better than Instagram. This TechCrunch article shows the same video filmed with both apps so you can see for yourself. The Twitter compatibility is also superior to Instagram's, as you can view Vine videos right on Twitter, but can't view Instagram photos/video directly on the site. I also very much enjoy some of the creativity I've seen on Vine, and the countless laughs I've had at Will Sasso's posts. So again, it totally gets my vote.


Don't take my high praise of vine to mean that I'm looking at Instagram in a negative fashion, as it's by far one of my favorite social networks of all time. It's just that at this current moment, I prefer it for photo as opposed to video. Instagram's videos can be up to 15 seconds long - which is over twice the amount of the length of vine videos. It really speaks volumes of our attention spans (mine included) when we are looking at 15 seconds of video and saying to ourselves "dang, this is long," - but this extended time definitely solves some of the "gotta think fast" issues that users might experience with Vine. And of course, there's the filters. First popularized by Hipstamatic and then Instagram for photo sharing, we've been led to believe that almost anything is more interesting in a sepia tone. I'm a sucker for this as well though, as I actually really like the filter feature on these apps. Professional photographers might feel a little differently, but they're masters with a DSLR. Not all of us have that talent, so filters make us feel a little special.

All in all, I just don't like the video on Instagram as much as I do Vine. This doesn't mean I'll never post Instagram videos - I think as marketers we all need to decide which platforms are both relevant to our personal brands and that of our clients and then utilize which will be the best. For example, a very good friend of mine who is not only a marketing manager but also keeps up with her own personal blog pointed out how Instagram can be more effective for quick vlogs. I can't argue with that, and I like how she's adapted and recognized an appropriate channel right off the bat. Nicely done, Stephanie.

Both great platforms for sure. I've got my preference...what about you?


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