Using Visual Aids in Social Media Marketing: 5 Easy Tips

Using Visual Aids in Social Media Marketing: 5 Easy Tips

Using Visual Aids in Social Media Marketing: 5 Easy Tips

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“We (those in marketing) need to look at our PC screens as if they were televisions and people do not read television, they watch it.” – Bob Gollwitzer

It is known that most people are visual and with a little over 350 million people in North America, about 300 million of those people are Internet users (2014), that’s over 200 million users from December of 2000 (  As time continues to change, so does the need to move with it and it forces us to find better ways to communicate and fast.

Remember that old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words?” It refers to the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image. It also aptly characterizes one of the main goals of visualization: the ability to absorb large amounts of data quickly.  With that in mind, here are 5 great tips that a small business can use to help you with your own marketing. 

1. Know your client/product:

Think about the things that appeal to your ideal client. What are you selling?  Is it an idea or an actual product? Which one thing could you use to “hook” your consumer and set you apart from the rest of your competition? Make sure everything you post or work on is in line with the client’s brand image.  For example, if you’re working with a religious client, you probably would not post a picture of an attractive model in a bikini sunbathing in the sandy beach to suggest how awesome the beach retreat with the church is going.  Instead, you’d post a group photo of all the attendees wearing shorts and t-shirts building a sand castle or other activity related to the trip.  This is also relevant with the next tip. 

DON’T: Over-do the background. Avoid over-the-top props unless they directly relate to your product.

DO: Use what you have. If you are outside, use a tree or bush as a backdrop.  You’ll be amazed at what a little greenery does to your image.  

2. Keep your profiles professional: 

Understand that anything you include in your profile will be seen by prospective clients and in essence become part of your brand.  Consistency is part of what makes your clients/followers coming back.  They like you for a reason and they know what to expect.  That being said, you can still be creative and not boring.

DON’T: Use an inappropriate or “questionable” image. If you can’t show it to an age range form 1-100 then don’t post it.

DO: Use images that are geared to your industry and keep it consistent with your audience.  

3. Use Creative and Effective Marketing Pieces/Promotions:

According to a Hubspot study of 1,545 B2B and B2C companies in October 2012, photos used in Facebook generated 53% more engagement than the average post.  So remember that your image is important and you should treat it as serious as well.  You never know what effect a particular image may have on any viewer.

DON’T: List the first picture you take of your product.

DO: Take your time with it and sample different lighting and backgrounds.  

4. Make it interesting: 

This may be harsh but it’s true: whatever you’re about to do, someone has probably already done it.  Don’t let this keep you from being creative. Trying different angles and heights can change the perspective of the way you’re looking at the subject. Remember, you’re telling a story to the consumer via one image. Visualize what you can do to hook the consumer and to set your brand apart from the competition, then go for it.  After all, it’s the consumer who you’re relying on to share, repost, and even help create a discussion for your brand. Go for quirky, dramatic, humorous, or even mysterious if the campaign lends itself to it. As you continue to post, you’ll be more familiar with what your followers will respond to.

DON’T: Take pictures in the same place, setting, and background.

DO: Make it seasonal. Use the sunny weather, beach or snow to change the location of the subject you’re capturing.  

5. Have Fun:

Remember, your audience is important and they perceive the tone you set.  The more fun you have with the images the more fun your followers will have in interacting with your posts.

DON’T: Take yourself too serious.

DO: Keep in mind that people like to see other people be human.   These five steps will help you get started and assist you in creating a few standards to keep you focused with your brand.  Once you find your “style” or theme, keep up with it.  Remember to keep it fresh but maintain consistent feel of what you’ve created.  That will be your signature and what your client has leaned to expect.


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