Social Media: A Company Affair

Social Media: A Company Affair
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Adopting a social media strategy is crucial to every business. Social media can be an important outlet for both B2C and B2B businesses, provided they are in tune with their target demographic. Therefore, it’s vital when crafting your strategy to understand that the job of properly maintaining social media for a company goes far beyond the social media manager – it reaches to every single employee as well.

This is in no way meant to diminish the role of a social media manager. He or she should always be seen as a communications hub for the company’s social accounts. Likewise, this statement doesn’t mean that the company Twitter, Facebook, G+ or other networks should become a free-for-all with everyone in the office posting on it whenever they feel like it. This does however mean that proper social communication occurs when all employees become brand loyalists and in turn help promote important company news or relevant industry topics from their own personal accounts.

For example, a tweet about an important news item that originates from the company Twitter is good, but what really helps that news item become great is when the news is reposted and retweeted from employee accounts as well. Your company’s employees can serve as some of your best brand advocates. Buzz generated for your brand from your employees shows that your team is excited about what’s going on, and encourages others to start talking about your brand or company’s news updates.  A social media manager should communicate with his or her team to coordinate promotion of important releases for the company.

Keep in mind, there is a sort of unspoken social etiquette involved as well. First of all, every company employee must understand the basic guidelines of social media. Future or current clients have the ability to see status updates and tweets depending on how they’re connected to the employees of a company, so every individual should keep this in mind when posting. This doesn’t mean that a social media manager or a company should monitor employees and suppress their freedom of speech, but it does mean that as a general rule an employee should think twice before dropping F-bomb rich status updates  over the weekend and then on Monday morning post about how excited they are for a company milestone. If you wouldn’t say it in front of your mother and your grandmother, you should probably think twice before saying it on social media as well. Additionally, company employees should not spend time spamming everyone in their network with updates. This in its own is a whole other topic I will get into in a different blog – but the short rule is to not post 30 updates about the same topic back to back and to use extreme caution when trying to join an online conversation you weren’t a part of in the first place.

If these guidelines are followed, it should result in a very positive social media experience for the company. Status updates that start with the company and then continue through employee promotion will help reach a variety of networks. It doesn’t just have to stop at news updates either. Encourage everyone in the company to tweet about every day life. Have a really good cup of coffee at your desk or capture a funny moment on camera? Don’t let it just sit in your phone…throw the picture up on the social sphere and tag your business and the employees involved. Nothing resonates with others quite like a positive office culture. As I mentioned before, a company’s employees can be the greatest brand advocates – this is definitely something every business should take advantage of.  Therefore, while it’s true that the social media manager may be in charge of updates and strategy, be sure everyone in the office is participating positively in social media. This will aid in company branding and will help extend your fanbase and social followers.

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