An SEO Analyst Learns about Tag Management

An SEO Analyst Learns about Tag Management

An SEO Analyst Learns about Tag Management

SEO Tag Management

I had the opportunity to go to a Web Analytics meeting recently. One thing I enjoy about these types of social networking groups is that you always learn something new about online marketing.

I've heard about tag management before, but admittedly haven’t had much exposure to it. The seo side of my brains hears the words “tag” or “tags” and I immediately think Meta tags. So just in case you and I share the same school of thought, let me first define tag management. Tag management is the ability to manage user-generated tags or folksonomy within collaborative software. Tag management features and processes are put in place to encourage cross-user consistency, navigation efficiency and compliance with an existing taxonomy.

To explain in a more clear light, “tags are snippets of code that are usually placed in the head of a page to enable 3rd-party tracking and analysis.” Tags are extremely useful and can offer solutions for many digital marketers. Conversion tracking  is always a popular topic and tags play a huge part in funneling deeper and deciphering your customer actions. The downside is that the management of these tags can be extremely time consuming, so this is where tag management software comes in to play. Tag management software speeds up the process, and is very popular with web analytics professionals because it allows them to be more agile in their marketing efforts and not have to involve IT folks all the time.

I had the pleasure of speaking with some folks from Tealium, which is one of the popular tag management platforms. I found the conversation extremely interesting, especially if you want to nerd out like I do and study a bunch of website analysis.

If you've been paying attention recently you most likely know Google has just introduced a tag management system of their own, and it’s free (added bonus). Of course, there are many paid services such as Tealium that offer benefits above Google’s free service, it all depends on what you are looking for and how involved you want to be.

Companies like Tealium, Ensighten or Bright Tag that offer the paid services are actually great resources to learn more about tag management and its uses. Tag management is very great tool for agile marketers, what other methods are you using to switch over to agile marketing?


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