Santa Claus Talks Ecommerce and Getting Ready For the Holiday Season

Santa Claus Talks Ecommerce and Getting Ready For the Holiday Season

Santa Claus Talks Ecommerce and Getting Ready For the Holiday Season

Ecommerce in Christmas

We sat down with Santa Claus recently to talk with him about the State of Ecommerce and to find out the status of his holiday preparations. What follows is a transcript of our conversation.

Magic Logix: Hello Santa, it’s wonderful to chat with you. Thanks for taking the time. I calculate there is about 74 days until Black Friday. Are you ready for it?

Santa: I am good, thank you. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not really important dates for me, to be honest. In order to be ready for the big day I work around the clock all year round.

Magic Logix: Last year Holiday ecommerce sales were $35 billion dollars. Every company is looking for the right ecommerce solutions, and they also prepare all year long. You are just one man. Certainly this must affect you.

Santa: I am much more than a one man show, but even with help from my elves, it’s getting harder and harder to keep up each year. I’m pretty old school, so I find out what kids want when they send me a letter. It may be old fashioned but I still don’t have email. It’s just never been my thing. These days, kids and parents can go on their desktop, tablet or smartphone and find the best deals. It used to be just black Friday I had to worry about, but now there is Green Monday, Cyber Monday and still all the days surrounding Hanukkah.

Magic Logix: Hanukkah?

Santa: If the internet and ecommerce sites cater to everyone, then so will I.

Magic Logix: If I can ask, what are some of the ecommerce best practices that give you trouble around the holidays?

Santa: There are quite a few, actually. A couple big ones range from consistent marketing across all channels, optimized holiday websites, season trends and web analytics, Google Shopping, mobile friendly websites.

Magic Logix: How about free shipping?

Santa: Oh yeah, shipping is never free for me. This isn’t ELF, the sleigh doesn’t run on holiday cheer. I also forgot to mention return policies. I don’t have a return policy, and I can’t compete with any company that has a good return policy. I also don’t have a social media team. Therefore, if a child doesn’t like my gift and they jump on Facebook or Twitter and blast me. It can be quite a nightmare without internet access here to be honest with you. Since I’m Santa Claus, I don’t rely on public relations or online reputation management.

Magic Logix: Have you thought about building your own ecommerce platform, or working with a company like Magento?

Santa: My team is looking for the right opportunity and the right company to partner with. I need a company that is creative and can help me with the technology to build a web presence.

Magic Logix: Santa, I think that is the right move for you. We can help you achieve your business goals. Why don’t we discuss it later over some milk and cookies?

Santa: Mmm, cookies.

Magic Logix: Santa, thank you again for your time. I know you are busy, but if any of our readers out there have questions about ecommerce, please contact us.




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