Responsive Web Design 101: An On Demand Webinar

Responsive Web Design Webinar
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We've made it no secret here at Magic Logix that responsive web design is something we strongly believe in. We make sure every website we do is fully responsive (from our own site down the line. Recent examples are Gloria's Latin Cuisine, DocResponse and WOLMED). In our series of marketing collateral relevant to our marketing activities and beyond, we've recently been creating a ton of content related to responsive web design.

This week, I gave a webinar that is basically a beginner's guide to responsive web design and everything it entails. I've embedded the webinar at the bottom of this post, and I'll even tell you what it entails, because who doesn't want to know that info beforehand? Dedicate the next 15 minutes of your life to this video and you can hear me give you an intro to RWD. This short webinar covers:

  • An overview of responsive web design
  • How much time people actually spend on their smartphones and tablets
  • Ecommerce and your smartphone
  • Mobile adaptive design vs. responsive web design: advantages and disadvantages
  • General responsive design information
  • Best practices for designers
  • Best practices for web developers
  • Who's currently doing responsive sites right

So now you know. Hope you enjoy the webinar!

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