Powerful Digital Marketing Tools for Your Business

Powerful Digital Marketing Tools for Your Business

Powerful Digital Marketing Tools for Your Business

Content Marketing Strategy

Do you have a blog? If not, then you are really missing out on a powerful marketing tool. Establishing a blog for your business can help positively impact your bottom line, as well as allow you to connect with your community and consumers. Without a blog, your website will suffer due to falling behind in search results. In addition, you will be giving competitors the opportunity to build stronger reputations in your field of expertise. Don't let this happen.

A blog is no longer just a daily journal or a place to post general interest pieces. Now, they have turned into reliable places consumers can go to for information, tips, and updates about the company they are doing business with. Providing your readers with the inside scoop gives you authenticity and heightens your reputation as a reliable source of information for whatever industry you serve. Here are some tips and key reasons why you should get on board and start blogging today.

Setting Up Your Business Blog

  • Setting up a blog online is simple with all of the different platforms out there. It is your job to maintain and update it constantly.
  • Put your blog in plain sight and at the forefront of your site because most visitors will be searching for it. They want to get an inside look at who you are and see what you have to offer.

Establishing a Content Marketing Strategy

  • Creating a content marketing strategy should involve SEO and social media. This way, your site can increase its rankings on search engines. In addition, attracting the right people who are looking to learn about your specific products or services is key.
  • The reason blogging improves your website's SEO is because search engines prefer that sites are constantly being updated rather than remaining static. By always posting, this shows how trustworthy your business is to its customers.
  • Whenever you update your blog with a new post, you need to get the news out there. Post your content on your different social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. This way, your entire community can stay in the loop.

Being Creative and Consistent on Your Blog

  • Your blog never turns off or logs out. It is always visible and accessible, continuing to run 24/7. Take advantage of this feature by remaining productive on it and posting relevant, current, and interesting content.
  • You don't just have to have content on your blog. You can also include images, links, videos, polls, questionnaires, and more to continuously engage your audience.
  • Your blog can serve as another way for you to advertise, market, and sell to your clients.

Benefits of Having a Blog

  • By conversing about the industry you work in, you are getting your name out there. This way, potential customers may be more apt to consider buying your products or hiring your services.
  • Who says you can't have more than one blog! You can manage different sites that focus on specific products. Another option is you can have one blog focus only on industry news and the other one be fun and engaging to readers.
  • Overtime, your goal should be to become the go-to resource for your audience. Providing useful information to readers will not only help them learn, but also teach you how to have a better understanding of what your consumers are looking for in your products.
  • A successful blog will have lots of comments. By focusing on the development of the communication, collaboration, and sharing that takes place on your blog, the comments will flow naturally. Staying on top of the comments by responding to them in a timely manner can help you create a conversation that is meaningful to everyone.
  • A blog gives your company a voice. This is very important, because it allow you to show people exactly what you are all about.

Developing a loyal network of people that are interested in what you have to say is the ultimate mission of a blog. As you learn how to leverage the power of this marketing tool, you should also focus on gaining support and constant interaction with your audience. This can, in turn, influence the traffic that comes onto your site, and as you know, more traffic means more opportunities for sales on and offline. Remember to update your blog frequently. Although this may seem time consuming, it is for the benefit of your business. Scheduling in time during your day to pay attention to your blog can allow you to point your audience in the right direction when it comes to advertising your products. Also, you can provide your clients with efficient and personalized customer service by responding to their needs through comments and posts. Always stay committed to growing and making improvements to your strategy so you can establish better relationships.

Author Bio:

John Boudreau, COO and Co-Founder of Astonish, has been in the insurance marketing and technology business for nearly 10 years. He works closely with local insurance agencies across the country to understand what works and what doesn't in an attempt to increase their share of the digital landscape through online marketing tactics and a robust customer relationship marketing tool. For more information on client results, visit Astonish's list of business profiles reviews. Before Astonish, Boudreau honed his problem-solving abilities while working as an environmental analytical chemist. He also founded Ion Marketing Group, a digital marketing company focused on the real estate industry. An avid musician, John plays the drums, the bass and the guitar.


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