May Twitter Recap: Good Tweets and People You Should Follow

May Twitter Recap: Good Tweets and People You Should Follow

May Twitter Recap: Good Tweets and People You Should Follow

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As you can imagine, I spend a lot of my time on various social networks while in the office.  It's just part of the territory. In addition to running campaigns for both Magic Logix and our clients, quick browses through the social sphere helps me stay current on anything and everything going on. I also find it very useful to pay attention to my peers, as many of them are constantly updating their profiles as well. As marketers, it's important for us all to learn from each other. After all, analysis is often part of the game. Even if it's not always news, a well placed meme or YouTube video is great for the brain during the day (thank you bad luck brain, goat yelling like a man and others).

One of my all time favorite mediums for this is Twitter. It's quick, it's simple and it's often to the point. I can easily find what I'm looking for on almost every subject in a current timely fashion. Breaking news? I'll definitely check Twitter first. The real-time updates coming at you always fascinates me.

What follows are some relevant and/or interesting tweets I've come across in the last week. Shameless plug: if you'd like to follow me on Twitter, you can follow me @RedefineChris. You should also definitely be following @MagicLogix as well.

Social Media Today is always a great place to find Social Media news. I chose to share this tweet in particular because I'm immediately attracted to anything that has to do with Arrested Development, and am quite excited for the new season on Netflix. Mix in the brilliance of a marketing campaign geared towards a cult audience and you've got me more interested than any entry in the Bob Loblaw Law Blog. True story.

Website Magazine also often has very relevant info. It's hard not to with a title like that. I chose this tweet because I feel this is really good news for anyone using SproutSocial and Google+. As more social management tools adopt G+ and the network continues to grow in popularity (or so we've been told), it's going to be interesting to see the changes in both SM management and analytics tools.

Advertising is a huge passion of mine. I was president of my school's chapter of the American Advertising Federation in grad school, so I always like to keep up with new ads. Therefore, twitter feeds for Adweek, AgAge and more are staples for me. I found this article decent, and I'm really mesmerized by the recent KMart ads. I feel they're doing a good job of trying to build some brand awareness with their new tongue-in-cheek ad campaigns. Think about it, when was the last time all of us were standing around talking about KMart or blogging about it? All it took was a nice play on expletives. I'll tip my hat to that.

If you care about Marketing and search, you're going to follow Danny Sullivan. There's no way around it. He keeps up with the game, is typically very  insightful, and his contributions to Marketing Land and Search Engine Land are always top quality. This screen shot is just one of the many insightful tidbits he has to offer. Also, infographics are often fun to look at, so I figured this screen shot was as good as any.

I've found Megan Brown from iAcquire to be a fun person in the industry to follow. She'll tweet about baseball and social media - two of my favorite things to read about on the internet (hockey would be the third). Also, I'm a sucker for any sort of fun way to convey information, such as the "Kthxbai" in the tweet below. Good link, good tweet. Therefore, this made my list this week.

I may not be the resident SEO guy here, but search and social definitely go hand in hand. SEOmoz is an industry standard. I very much enjoy how they incorporate user blogs with staff blogs, and they often relay information in engaging ways - such as this tweet that I've selected. If you've ever tried to explain a search engine or what you do at work to your mother, then this tweet makes perfect sense. It was one of my favorite reads int he past two weeks. Enjoy!

Shameless plug #2: I chose a Magic Logix tweet because we're hiring a new Sr. Web Developer. If you've got crazy PHP skills and are into databases, HTML5, Magento, Drupal and all of those sort of things that make the internet what it is, then you should apply today. We're pretty awesome people. Go to our careers page and submit your resume today.

For fun, I suggest following Andrew WK. You really can't beat positive tweets about partying. Party Tips, a hashtag such as #ThePowerOfPositivePartying and more...what's not to like? PARTY.

And last but not least, my favorite tweet in the last month, courtesy of the Dallas Stars. I loved Joe Nieuwendyk as a player, but hated him as a GM, and I may never fully recover from him trading James Neal for Alex Goligoski. You knew I had to work the Dallas Stars in here somehow.


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