Magic Logix, Hassan Bawab and the Bay Area Drupal Camp

Bay Area Drupal Camp
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As you may know, Magic Logix happens to be one of 15 premium Drupal partners on the planet. We’re active in the Drupal community, from tutorial videos to the management of custom HTML5 Drupal sites and numerous contributions on top of the aforementioned items.

Our CEO Hassan Bawab has spoken extensively on Drupal at many conferences, and will be returning to Berkeley, California to speak at the Bay Area Drupal Camp. The three hour interactive lab session will take place on Sunday, October 27 from 2:00-4:45 PM and will open the door for discussion on why choosing Drupal 8 is a good move for your business. The main focus points of the session will be as follows:

  • Using Drupal to Rescue Your Business and Serve Your Customers
  • Mobile Ready and Gadget Friendly
  • Stay Connected Using Your Website
  • Cutting Edge Designs, Display and Features
  • Get Noticed By Building a Powerful Website
  • Flexibility in All Aspects

As recognized leaders and contributors to the Drupal community, Magic Logix firmly believes in the use of this Content Management System for your website. It can allow your business to properly streamline all processes and to keep your content up to date and ripe for potential customers or fellow industry companions. Let’s be honest – with digitization the way it is today, proper digital business and content management is everything. We have used Drupal exclusively and extensively on some of our best and brightest projects and continue to do so. With responsive design and the necessity for your CMS to be as mobile ready as possible, our agency is leading the charge toward utilizing these technologies. Come spend some time with Magic Logix and enhance your knowledge of Drupal 8.

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