Magic Logix and a Decade of Digital Marketing Excellence

Magic Logix and a Decade of Digital Marketing Excellence

Magic Logix and a Decade of Digital Marketing Excellence

Digital Marketing Excellence

Mondays are often hard to get kickstarted. This Monday, however, is completely different. As we walked into the office today, we were all smiles. Sunday marked the 10th anniversary of Magic Logix as a company. That's ten years of web development, web design, search, social, marketing automation, ecommerce and beyond.

In the last decade, we've seen ourselves grow as a company, expand and move into our newest office space (the third move in a decade - we keep growing, it's sort of a Cadillac problem), won countless awards, and have stayed on the forefront of changes at technology. Our developments in responsive websites have been an example of our commitment to excellence, and the testimonials we've received from our customers speak for themselves.

Of course, let's be honest with ourselves here: it's not just about awards and accolades, numerous articles our CEO and other staff members have published on the web or the many partnerships we've formed with various businesses and agencies throughout the years (although all of this certainly helps our street cred) - what's most impressive is the people who work here. We're always up on technology and are passionate about all things digital. We're committed to not only providing quality work, but for providing the best service available for all clients (both B2B and B2C). I may be biased here, but what you've got assembled at Magic Logix is a collection of some extremely awesome people. That sort of culture and passion are things you just can't build overnight. It takes the right kind of person and a dedicated person to make it happen.

So we tip the cap to our CEO Hassan Bawab for realizing that this company would be a good idea a decade ago. As it continues to grow, we'll continue to enjoy working here. Stay tuned, we'll be throwing a big party this month and can't wait to celebrate in style! Nothing beats a decade of digital marketing excellence!

With Love,

The Magic Logix Crew


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