Instagram Rolls Out Multiple Account Switching

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Social Media Managers (and anyone who juggles more than one Instagram account, for that matter) are finally celebrating the small, yet long awaited Insta-perk of being able to switch between accounts without having to log out. Back in November, reports surfaced around the Web stating that Instagram was testing a new account switching option – a very highly requested feature. This week, those reports have been confirmed with Instagram announcing in an official blog post that all users will be capable of switching between multiple accounts following the newest update.

The process is straightforward to set up. Once users have downloaded the updated app, they are able to go into their profile settings and add an additional account by tapping the “Add Account” button located at the bottom.

As for notifications, the social platform stated in their blog that users will be alerted for all likes, direct messages and new followers for all accounts they have set up on Instagram. To manage these notifications, users must simply go to “Push Notification Settings” and customize which notifications they’d like to have appear. For more information, check out Instagram Multiple Accounts

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