Infographic: Thanks to Technology: A History of Digital Tech

History of Digital Tech
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While Thanksgiving has come and gone, this entire time of year is seen as a time for friends, family and enjoying your holiday season. Here at Magic Logix, we had a discussion right before the Thanksgiving break, and we're definitely thankful for a lot. We've got great employees, we're always on the forefront of all things digital, we're continuing our education within the digital sphere and we're meeting tons of very interesting people along the way. As you can imagine, there's plenty for us to be thankful for.

One thing led to another, and we found ourselves talking about how much of an impact technology has had on each of us and how far it's come over the years. So as a direct result of that conversation, we made this handy infographic. We're thrilled that it's been such a big part of our lives so we decided to make this fun infographic that shows you just how we've been impacted by tech. We've based this technology infographic on what we feel are significant milestones related to computing and the internet. This obviously seems natural, as without such innovation, we would not exist as a company. Even more so, we can't help but give thanks to those who paved the path before us so we're able to innovate and release our own digital marketing solutions into the wild (and into your next campaign)! Monumental events include the following:

  • Creation of APRANET
  • Foundation of Microsfot
  • Foundation of Apple
  • Varying numbers of people using the internet
  • Ebay, Ask Jeeves
  • Napster (Oh, Napster)
  • Stages of HTML
  • Facebook, MySpace (my what you ask?) and more social
  • Responsive web design

The list goes on and on. We've come a long way and are still making huge strides. One of our favorite moments: The Computer is named TIME Magazine's Man of the Year in 1982. Just…wow. Join us in giving thanks to technology: read, share and enjoy! Hope it's been a wonderful thanksgiving for everyone and hope you enjoy our technology timeline! Click the picture  below to enlarge the infographic!  

Fall Technology Infographic


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