Infographic: Cool Easter Eggs on the Web

Infographic: Cool Easter Eggs on the Web

Infographic: Cool Easter Eggs on the Web

Easter Eggs on the Web

It's true - Easter's a bit of the way off. But maybe we love candy. Or those little chocolate rabbits. Or peeps. Definitely peeps. Whatever the case may be, we created an infographic about easter eggs.

Of course, we're not really talking about Easter eggs here. We're talking about easter eggs found on the web. You know, those fun little hidden messages or inside jokes found on the internet. When you type in these codes or take a certain action on a website, cool things happen. We're all creatives here, so it's tons of fun to find this sort of thing when we can. And let's be honest: they're a wonderful way to release some of the stress of the day - especially when you've been hitting it hard working.

So what does this cool info graphic entail? How about some of these fantastic features:  

  • A link between Google and Atari
  • Places that show Google loves Math (all those algorithms must account for something, right?)
  • Some awesome things you can do on Google (barrel rolls, for instance)
  • Numerous places to type in the Konami Code to create certain actions (if you don't know what it is, we sincerely feel sorry for you)
  • Different actions to take on YouTube (since you're probably watching videos on there anyway)
  • A list of robot laws to prepare you for the robot apocalypse
  • Some love for Jeff Bezos to David Risher
  • "These go to eleven" (Again, if this reference is lost on you, we are not happy with you)
  • Surprises from He-Man

So basically, the lesson to be learned is this: there's a lot more cool things on the internet than just cat videos and bacon. Yes, kittens and bacon do make up just around half of the internet, but the other half is loaded with plenty of cool stuff. Don't believe us? Check out the info graphic below and see for yourself: 

Easter Eggs