A Guide to Interning at a Digital Marketing Agency: Part 2 #OrganizeandPrioritize

A Guide to Interning at a Digital Marketing Agency: Part 2 #OrganizeandPrioritize

A Guide to Interning at a Digital Marketing Agency: Part 2 #OrganizeandPrioritize

Internship at Marketing Agency

It’s no surprise that life can get pretty hectic. If you’re a college student and full time intern you may as well kiss your social life goodbye. Remember those nights when you got $h!t faced with your friends every weekend after a long week of “studying?” Or how about the time when you just slept in your bed all day in the t-shirt that hadn’t been washed for weeks?

Keeping Your Sanity

Organize and PrioritizeThose times were nice weren't they?  Now, all of a sudden it’s like you woke up and HELLO, you’re a grown up who drinks coffee just to stay alive, works an 8 hour shift and has people who actually depend on you to get stuff done, or else…you’re fired. That day is definitely a wake up call for everyone. Employers are not looking for an unorganized bum who sleeps during working hours just because they could never get their life together. Wake up and welcome to the real world: interning is not for the faint of heart.

Getting Organized at an Agency

Since you asked, I shall reveal my powerful magic 8 ball secrets.  It should immediately be noted that the real world is not as bad as people make it out to be.  You just have to learn how to not have a panic attack every time something arises out of the ordinary.  If you’re a full time student with a job/internship, give yourself a nice pat on the back for being able to multi-task, as that’s the first step to not going crazy. Organizing yourself = organizing your brain into different parts. Before your week begins, write down everything you want to get accomplished. Make two lists, one for work and one for home. For example, a home list might look like:

  1. Clean the house (yes, this means the bathrooms too)
  2. Do laundry, because that shirt you’ve been wearing every day this week is starting to smell
  3. Play with your dog, because every pet needs your time and affection

Pretty easy, right? Making a list also means executing your tasks. Do one thing a day so it doesn't seem as overwhelming. After that, make your work list and prioritize depending on whatever tasks your boss has listed out for you for that week. As the week goes on try to have everything checked off by Friday, that way you have all weekend to do absolutely nothing but lay in your bed for 48 hours straight.

Prioritize in Order of Importance

Now the weekend is here. All your friends haven’t seen you or heard from you for a whole week. Having a social life is important; you don’t want to be a hermit that never comes out of the shell. However, getting good grades is essential as well. Prioritize what’s most important to you. Everyone works in different ways with different priorities. Personally, I've never been a procrastinator, so I always get my projects done a week from when they're due and just relax during the weekends. However, some people work best under pressure and getting things done only a couple hours before due dates. Find out how you work best and it’s guaranteed to help you in the long run.

Take Time out for Yourself

Having a hectic schedule can get very stressful if not managed in a timely fashion. Take a day or two off every couple weeks or so and pamper yourself, make time for your hobbies and enjoy life. You’re likely to be more productive if you take breaks. Start your week off fresh and energized.  Life isn’t just about working; it’s about Working hard and playing hard. I hope my guide on how to organize and prioritize has been beneficial to my colleagues. -Till next time


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