Facebook and hashtags - #HereWeGo

Facebook and hashtags - #HereWeGo

Facebook and hashtags - #HereWeGo


I promise i'm going to try not to launch into one of my usual "why do you people do this sort of thing" tirades in this blog, but there's a possibility that it may go in that direction. I just came here to have real talk and dish on some new social media updates.

Now that we've gotten that little disclaimer out of the way, you may have seen that Facebook is going to start incorporating hashtags into their news feed. Hashtags have been traditionally used as ways of finding content in social networks such as Twitter or Instagram, resulting in a nice streamlined user-friendly search experience.

Or so I've been told.

Well, no worries here kiddos. Now you can find content from people you've never met in your Facebook feed just as easily as you can find it on Twitter or other social networks. Want to find out who else on Facebook tagged a post with #SocialMedia when you're looking for news updates? Not a problem. However, we've got to look at it more than one way - because we have to ask ourselves as marketers if we think this can have just as much of an impact from a brand standpoint as well. From a social listening perspective, this could allow brands to tap into the psyche of Facebook users in addition to following activity, attitudes and opinions on other social channels. Much like already existing social networks, it's a way for brands to get in there and make their voices heard, join discussions, monitor competition and help manage their online reputation. This is actually pretty exciting, when you think about it. It's already been the norm everywhere else (Instagram, Google+, Twitter etc), so wouldn't it make sense to do it on Facebook as well?

Of course, there are other sides to the coin.  For years, we've witnessed many of you using hashtags incorrectly on your Facebook. Now granted, some individuals have integrated Instagram with Facebook. If you're one of these people, you're void of my scrutiny. Congratulations. For the rest of you who have been doing this - you're totally subject to all my scrutiny and then some. You see, since there was no previous need for hashtags on Facebook before, while you may have thought it was fun to randomly tag posts with things such as #ItsTheLibyansRunForItMarty, there was actually no purpose in doing so. None. Zero. Nada.

Well now there is, so hopefully you feel better about yourself.

Remember, just because you can hashtag a lot doesn't mean the world is going to hang on to your every word. I cannot stress this enough. So my quick advice to brands and people out there is to remember the rules of the hashtag when you're on Facebook. Don't just remember them - respect them. Hashtag a little bit if you need to - that's fine. Please make sure you're still doing it within reason though. Do it for not just for me, but do it for yourself and your country.

Come join Magic Logix on Facebook. I used a hashtag on the account today, so the times-are-a-changing.


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