Drupal 8 Upcoming Releases

Drupal 8 Upcoming Releases

Drupal 8 Upcoming Releases

Drupal 8

The most important innovation of this century is without doubt, the internet. Anyone who wants to develop his business knows by now, how the internet can improve the marketing efforts and increase the brand presence. Anyone can use the internet to market their businesses and to communicate, but it is only for those businesses that take a special interest in web development solutions that will have an edge over the competition. The important feature for a business website is ease and accessibility. Drupal has development services that make web applications easy to deploy.

Drupal is a content management system that makes website development easy, even for people who know very little about developing websites. Content becomes easy to manage if you don't have to worry about knowing or understanding authoring language or PHP language. Drupal has announced that they will be launching a new version, Drupal 8 which is an improvement on Drupal 7 whose focus was usability. Drupal 8 focuses on higher performance and efficiency of mobile internet applications. Drupal 8 is set to bring about the evolution of content management systems and bring unified platforms for building more than just websites but applications and services. The main thing that has excited people in the development world is that web businesses can run multiple platforms. With the advent and growth of the smartphones, most websites have had to be reconfigured for access through mobile devices like smartphones.

Before this, all a developer had to worry about was making sure content and site designs will work on a few screen sizes. Smartphones and the mobile networking have necessitated that we have structured content in such a way that it is the same regardless of whether it is accessed on a typical desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphones. At the rate at which technology changes we don't know how fast we may need to change, this makes it necessary for a structured content strategy created once that is reusable across different platforms. Here are some befits for using Drupal:

  1. Drupal is an open source CMS, and for being open source it needs no licensing and offers development solutions, and Drupal 8 is set to give proprietary CMS providers. Anyone can open and use the source code of an application and program created in Drupal.
  2. Drupal 8 will be as easy to use as its predecessors. There is no need to know or master code language like HTML or any other web coding. Drupal 8 has WYSIWYG authorization which enables in-place editing developed by the Spark project which was set up to develop Drupal 8. The Spark project was set to test improvements on Drupal 7 using real sites and real content. The work on version 7 showed what needed to be improved for inclusion into the core of Drupal 8. You can start and run a website with Drupal. Drupal 8 gives you so much more modes and modules to use.
  3. Drupal sites are planned in accordance to what search engines want. You get modules for tags, and it allows for a dynamic URL to be static. Drupal sites are favorites with Search Engines and Drupal 8 makes them more desirable.
  4. The modules in Drupal 8 are scalable for future application. These modules include user administration, news aggregation, and functionality of Meta data. This means that things like blogs and e-commerce functionality can be implemented at any point in the future currently and are features that are being perfected by an extensive community of open source developers.
  5. The Drupal 8 themes have become trendier than in earlier versions, but users aren't required to stick to those provided by Drupal.
  6. The flexibility one can get from Drupal is remarkable, and it matches well with PHP, MySQL and other languages.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of Drupal 8 will be the expansion of HTML into APIs that make it easy to express page components, not only properties. One such unique API you will find in Drupal 8 is an aural interface with multilingual features. This is something new to a world of visual presentations like layout, grids and the typography. Page accessibility is as essential as sound as they are in sight. Drupal interface standards established in Drupal 7 can and will be applied in Drupal 8. There are other APIs that can be utilized through Drupal.


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