VP of Enterprise Sales


We are currently seeking a full-time Vice President of Enterprise Sales. This position requires 3-5+ years of sales experience in the technology and marketing industry. Expertise in the following (if not all) areas is preferable:

  • Digital Strategies
  • Web Technologies
  • Brand Development

As our V.P. of Enterprise Sales, it is imperative that you are a people-person. You must possess an energetic and entrepreneurial spirit, as an overall positive demeanor is critical to your success when face-to-face with potential clients. In addition, you must have effective time management, attend networking events, and have a strong social presence online (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc). We cannot stress this enough: we are a digital agency, so you should know how to use social channels in addition to your strong networking skills. A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university is also preferred.

As a whole, you're responsible for bringing new business to the company. We're not targeting small businesses here, so you've got to come armed with a portfolio that says you're ready to get things done. You shouldn't be afraid to go after a big client or to talk up all of our services to anyone and everyone. You're bringing us new business here and we're the best agency a company could possibly use. You're going to have to understand all of our services and essentially become our biggest brand advocate.

Additional job duties include:

  • Maintaining outbound lead development
  • Setting and keeping active appointments
  • Handling a diverse range of sales activities
  • Closing deals and performing potential follow-up sales
  • Analyzing client objectives
  • Preparing and presenting proposals
  • Working independently to produce results
  • Setting and meeting quarterly sales goals
  • Develop plans and strategies for developing business and achieving the company’s sales goals
  • Create a culture of success and ongoing business and goal achievement – possibly more important than the first item on this list
  • Manage the sales teams, operations and resources to deliver profitable growth
  • Define optimal sales force structure
  • Hire and develop sales staff
  • Become known as an employer of choice and a sales force that top sales people want to join
  • Manage customer expectations and contribute to a high level of customer satisfaction
  • Define sales processes that drive desired sales outcomes and identify improvements where and when required
Employment Compensation
$60k-$70k annual salary plus 8% commission. In addition 3% for all supervised sales individuals. In addition to health insurance, bonuses, employee benefits and paid holidays.
Employment Experience
Mid-Senior Level
Employment Type