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Why Your Brand Needs Social Media Marketing

60% of the population of the world uses social media.

If you aren’t on the relevant social media platforms, you lose out on the opportunity to capture a massive target audience.

93% of marketers use Facebook to promote their brands.

Your competitors are on social media, targeting your customers as you read this. If you don’t fight back on the same medium, you’ll lose sales.

On Instagram, 44% of users make use of the platform to shop.

A large percentage of this may be customers who are looking for products you sell. If you don’t have an active Instagram presence, you’ll lose the opportunity to convert them.

87% of consumers use social media when they need to make a purchase.

The content and information people see on social media guides their purchase decisions. With social media marketing, you can use that to your advantage.

Our Channel-Specific Social Media Services

Facebook Marketing

We create a highly specialized organic Facebook post calendar that enables us to tell your brand’s story to customers. From strategy creation to post design and community management, our Dallas social media marketing agency does it all.

Instagram Marketing

Our social media marketing experts know exactly how to use Instagram to get you the numbers you are looking for. Whether it is through an Instagram shop or partnerships with influencers, among other things, we promote your brand to the right customers.

LinkedIn Marketing

Our team strategically uses LinkedIn to market B2B products and services in an effective way to other professionals. We engage thought leaders, influencers, and the usual B2B buyer to promote your business and boost your sales.

Twitter Marketing

Having a Twitter account is only worth it if you tweet regularly. And that is a burden we take off your chest. From creating content that aligns with your brand ideology to tweeting on a regular basis and building your following organically, we do it all and more.  

Facebook Ad Service

Paid ads are a highly effective way of gaining customers. How? By targeting the pain points of specific audiences that are your potential customers.

Through compelling content and graphics that are targeted toward the right people, our social media marketing agency (Plano) helps you attract their attention, engage them, and convince them to take action. All while thinking they got lucky, they came across the ad.

We follow a simple process to run ads that get you customers:

  • Ad Account Audit
    Before we build a campaign plan, we analyze your current ad account to find loopholes and issues that prevented success in the past. While we are in the research phase, we also dig deep into your business to make informed decisions regarding the ad campaign.
  • Strategy Development
    Every ad campaign is different, as is the aim it wants to achieve. We devise an ad campaign strategy keeping your unique requirements in mind, whether they be building awareness, increasing engagement or boosting sales.
  • Asset Creation
    Our team drafts highly creative copy that addresses your customers’ pain points and paints your brand as the solution to all their problems. This content is paired with graphics that force an individual to stop scrolling and pay attention.
  • Ad Account Management
    We then put the strategy into action and launch the ad campaign. The campaign is constantly monitored, and changes are made in assets, budgets, and audiences at regular intervals to ensure that optimal results are achieved.
  • Evaluation and Analysis
    Our ad experts then analyze the campaign to determine wins, failures, and opportunities for improvement in the future. We use this information to improve your numbers, as well as our overall ad service performance.

Our Process

A good we developer creates a decent website with a good user experience. A great developer breaks away from the norms and incorporates features that set your website apart.

Our developers stay up to date with the latest technology trends so that your customers go away with a great image of your brand!

Research and Analysis

Before we start working with you, our experts conduct a thorough analysis of your business, any current business social media accounts, and your competitors. Once we have a better picture of the industry and how companies within it operate online, we set up a meeting to discuss our findings with you.

Education and Consultation

While you understand your business and industry better than anyone else, we share the dynamics of social media management within the niche. Once you’re fully aware of the happenings, we take your input regarding the kind of online presence you want to maintain and answer any questions you may have.

Strategy Planning

At this stage, with all the possible information we could need, we draft a strategy that we believe will work best for your brand. We discuss this detailed plan with you and make any changes that are required based on your feedback. Your budget is kept in mind while creating the strategy.

Account/Profile Creation and Branding

If you are a new business or have just set foot in the online space, we take charge of creating all your social media accounts. We also brand them such that there is coherence between the different platforms. If you already have social media accounts, we take control of them and rebrand them if needed.

Content Creation

We create attention-grabbing content that engages your clients and potential customers by addressing their pain points and telling them how your brand can fix their problems. This includes copy creation and graphic design for various posts to be used across channels.

Content Publishing

We create a content calendar for at least three months in advance, making sure high-quality content is ready for posting on the various channels when required. A content schedule is also drafted for each individual platform so that content is posted at appropriate times when the audience will be engaged the most.

Campaign and Community Management

Our job is not done once we have posted the content – we also take responsibility for community management on all your pages. We respond to comments and messages while also initiating and mediating conversations in the relevant social media groups. We also manage and monitor all social media campaigns.

Why Choose Magic Logix

Depending on the nature of your business and the niche in which you operate, our experts choose the best platforms for your needs. We plan and manage multiple social media campaigns across different channels to ensure consistent messaging across all brand platforms.

We are among the top social media marketing agencies in Texas for a reason: We only hire professionals who are experts in their respective niches. With years of experience handling social media for a variety of clients, these experts know JUST the tricks to get you seen.

No two social media plans can be exactly the same. We create customized plans that are modified based on your needs, the numbers you are looking for, the persona of your consumers, and your budget. The end result? A win-win situation for you, your customers, and us.

Because search engine optimization is a long-term process, our team devises a roadmap that ensures you are in the loop every step of the way.

We complement your SEO strategy with additional digital media services such as key-word optimized strategy creation, web and graphic design, and more in order to maximize results.

Our brand values revolve around authenticity, integrity, and genuine results – This is why we are the most trusted SEO agency in the Plano and Dallas region.

Web Development


This depends on the type of business you run and the characteristics of your customer base. Often, choosing a few social channels and focusing on them has the most promising results.

Social media plans are highly customizable. This means that there is a lot of room to figure out a plan that works for you without putting a hole in your pocket. Our team of experts asks you your budget before potentially coming up with a social media marketing game plan.

Whether you want to run paid ads or stick to organic social media marketing depends on a number of factors. You should be clear about what your brand is trying to achieve, what your timeline is to get to those numbers, and how much you’re willing to spend. Having said that, Facebook ads mostly guarantee a good return on investment.

These are add-on services that can be made a part of the package we offer your brand.

The Only Way to Go is Online

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