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One of the leading Google ads marketing agencies in Texas, we know how to run ads that convert. And we can do it for you!

One of the best Google ads marketing agencies in Dallas, we promise you high-converting ad campaigns that boost your bottom line like never before. That too at a price that doesn’t break your wallet.

Run ads that get you customers and multiply your sales.

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Why You Need Google Ads

You’re running Facebook ads, you have an active social media presence, and you occasionally use other media to promote your products and services – Do you really need Google ads?

The answer: Yes you do!

See, with most other digital marketing activities, you are targeting consumers who are at various stages of the buying cycle. But when you run a Google ad campaign, you target customers who are at the final stages of the process – one where they are close to making a purchase and are looking for products online. THAT is where you reach them with a product that perfectly meets their requirements.

The result? A boost in sales and an exponential increase in your revenue!

Whether you are looking for a single-page website or a complex site with many levels, our web developers create the user experience you are looking for. Equipped with a technical skill set and highly proficient in translating ideas and designs into an actual website structure, we turn your vision into reality. All the while ensuring a smooth flow at the back end.

The Magic Logix Google Ad Campaign Process

We are known as the leading Google ads marketing agency in Plano for a reason – we know what we are doing. And we do it for brands of all sizes and types.

We start with a detailed background research into your company, products, services, and niche. We understand your requirements and build a campaign strategy that promises results. Following this, we conduct a thorough keyword research to make sure your ad appears in all the right searches. With stellar copy creation that encourages the reader to take action, we launch the campaign. Reporting and analysis are an important component of ad campaigns run at Magic Logix in order to make improvements and learn valuable lessons for the future.

By tweaking these steps where needed, we run a custom-tailored campaign fit for your needs.

What Makes Our Google Ad Campaigns Better than the Rest

Relevant Keyword Incorporation

Since the ad appears as a result of a Google search, it is crucial for the keyword research and incorporation to be on point. Our search engine optimization team conducts a thorough keyword research and identifies the keywords that your potential customers are searching for. The copywriters then incorporate the keywords into the ad.

Action-Oriented Copy

What makes a customer stop and look back at an ad? They either see and identify with a pain point that is mentioned in the ad or notice that the ad contains a product or service that they have been looking for. Our copywriters have both these bases covered – they skillfully draft Google ad copy that makes a consumer stop, read the copy, and take a positive action.

Location-Based Ads

We target customers based on the location in which you operate. If you are trying to encourage locals to visit your store, we set a local location criterion so that only people in that vicinity see the ad. For an online store that can ship anywhere in the world, we use global audiences. While that may cost you a little more money, it also generates multiple times more revenue.

Varying Scope

Based on a number of factors, including the capacity of your business and your budget among other things, our Dallas Google ads marketing agency creates ad strategies that do not overwhelm or underwhelm you. We choose just the right audience and budget to get you the results you came in looking for.

Technical SEO

The more sound your website is from a technical point of view, the better it will be ranked by search engines. We analyze the technical aspects of your site, identify gaps, and with an emphasis on site structure, crawling, and indexing, make changes.

Local SEO

Along with web traffic, we also boost foot traffic to your store. Our Texas SEO agency ensures your brand appears in local search results by maintaining an updated Google My Business listing, citations in trustworthy directories, and more.

Mobile SEO

A large percentage of your customer base will view your website on their cell phones. Our Dallas and Plano SEO agency team optimizes the site for mobile use, ensuring it can be viewed with ease on any kind of screen while also ensuring that it appears at the top of SERPs on mobile searches.

Link Building

Great link-building tells your customers AND search engines that you are an authority in the niche. We build a healthy link profile by obtaining hyperlinks from trustworthy sites to yours, ensuring you rank higher and appear more reliable.

E-Commerce SEO

E-commerce businesses cannot do without search engine optimization. We take charge of getting customers to your homepage, category pages, and product pages through a series of smart SEO decisions that guarantee a sale.

Expert Customer Service

Although we offer a large variety of skill sets. One of our strongest skills is our customer service. We trive to make it easy for you to come to us with concerns and questions. We will always find a solution for all your needs.

Why Choose Magic Logix – The Best Google Ads Marketing Agency (Dallas)

From strategy creation to copywriting, graphic design, campaign launch, and reporting and analysis, we do it all and more. When you hire our team for your Google ads, you get a complete package that helps you meet your targets.

We base your campaign strategy on what you want to achieve from the campaign. Whether it’s foot traffic to your store, increased sales, or a boost in traffic to the website, we draft a plan that matches your needs.

We only hire the best talent at Magic Logix. This means that every single professional in our team is fully equipped to tackle the issues you are facing with your brand. They diagnose the problem and implement a fix in record time, saving you from losses.

We have spent years working with businesses of all sizes. Our experience working with smaller businesses has taught us everything there is to know about running Google ad campaigns on a tight budget. And we do it for you with class.

Because search engine optimization is a long-term process, our team devises a roadmap that ensures you are in the loop every step of the way.

We complement your SEO strategy with additional digital media services such as key-word optimized strategy creation, web and graphic design, and more in order to maximize results.

Our brand values revolve around authenticity, integrity, and genuine results – This is why we are the most trusted SEO agency in the Plano and Dallas region.

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Facebook ads are different from Google Ads as they are used to target people in various parts of the buying cycle. A Facebook ad can be targeted towards someone who doesn’t know your product exists but has a requirement that is fulfilled by it. From awareness to interest generation and conversion, they do it all.  Google ads are more action oriented – if you want to sell your products and services to a customer already searching for them, Google ads are your best bet.

If that is the case, we’ll pause the campaign and evaluate it from every angle. We will then make informed decisions to improve the various components of the campaign, from the copy to the design and audience among other things. We will keep on making changes until we hit the targets we set out to achieve.

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. This depends entirely on the size and scope of the business, the type of product to be sold, the scope of the Google ad campaign, and the numbers you want to achieve among other things. You can get in touch with one of our Google ad experts and discuss your requirements and get a quote.

There is no upper limit. However, our aim is to achieve your target numbers as early on in the campaign as possible so that you do not spend more than you have to.

Looking for the Best Google Ads Marketing Agencies (Texas)?

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